Josh Charles Interview After The Good Wife Season Finale

Josh Charles interview in LA Times about the season finale of The Good Wife (The Dream Team).

On whether Will’s experiences this season has changed him:

Knowing [executive producers] Robert and Michelle [King] the way I do, I don’t think anything’s going to be a complete 180 [-degree turn]. I don’t think he’s going to come out a born-again, but I do think that there are elements of him that have changed. It’s difficult for someone like him who’s such a competitive animal, and you get into the world of law, the game of it really taps into his addictive personality.

On the Will-Alicia elevator scene in this season’s finale (when Will asked Alicia “was it a mistake?”):

I really liked that scene. It shows there’s still a very deep relationship there, one that’s built on a deep level of respect. At the core of these two characters’ relationship is a really deep bond. It goes deeper than sex, than being together; it’s a mutual respect. That doesn’t go away just like that. I think he really loves her.  It’s not like she’s the only one for him in his entire life, but there’s real love there.

On the bond between Will and Kalinda:

They’re both mysterious and they don’t allow a lot of vulnerability. We’ve also seen their armor chipped away this season. They are two characters who are loyal to each other and always have each other’s backs. There is a mutual appreciation there, a history and a bond.

The Good Wife S03E22 (The Dream Team) – I’m So Over Louis Canning!

Gahhh, I want Will to dump Callie and get together with Patti Nyholm and her two kids! Josh Charles and Martha Plimpton are so great in their scenes together. On the other hand, I am so sick of Canning being a mastermind and besting Lockhart-Gardner every other episode. Thank god someone finally called him out for his manipulating of people using his illness. Bleghh. I’m starting to think the show is being disrespectful of Michael J. Fox, saddling him with this character and this storyline. And why is Lockhart-Gardner always two seconds away from going bust? Diane and Will seem very efficient and good at their jobs, and yet the firm is always on the verge of going bankrupt.

Was Peter protecting Alicia at the expense of his political careeer, by admitting to their separation? The Good Husband? I’m worried the show will use this next season as an excuse to make Alicia get back together with Peter. I bet Peter will not sell the house, Zach and Grace will love it too much, bla bla bla.

I can’t wait for Kalinda’s ex-husband to turn up next season. My mind immediately goes to mafia and organized crime the minute they mentioned construction. Horrible stereotyping? Maybe, heh.

Interviews with Josh Charles on The Good Wife Season Finale

Josh Charles in Vulture and Entertainment Weekly talking about Will and The Good Wife season finale (The Dream Team).

On Will-Alicia:

So does this mean it’s really over for Will and Alicia? Or will that always be in the air?
I really don’t know. I do know that the relationship has shifted into a deeper place, and you see that in the finale. There’s a really nice scene between Alicia and Will towards the end of the episode that was one of my favorites to shoot, and you’ll see what I mean when you watch it. It’s a complicated relationship. There’s a lot of love there, so who knows …

On Will-Callie:

I don’t really know what [series creators] Robert and Michelle King have in mind specifically, but I’ve done two movies with Julianne [Nicholson] and I absolutely adore her. I think she’s a great actor and I really like her character. I like the idea of two addictive personalities together. There’s potential drama there.

On working with Jerry Adler (Howard Lyman):

First of all, I want him in every scene I’m in. I’m obsessed with him. I love the character. I love how they write it, the shifts and turns and how they’ve utilized him. I love Jerry. I love this beautiful humanity he brings to the role. He’s such an amazing person with such history in the business and such a class act. He brings such an incredible energy to the show. The scene where he asks Diane and me if Cary’s gay because he picked two men that he wanted to be on a deserted island with — if you could watch the outtakes on that, I cannot believe they cut it together because I didn’t even know I gave them one take without just completely almost pissing my pants. I would say I laughed in all but maybe one take. There’s just something about his delivery, he slays me.


The Good Wife Preview for Final Three Episodes of Season 3

With the tagline “It’s about consequences, seduction, power, ambition, influence.” Peter running straight for Governor from the State Attorney’s office? Hmm, seems like a few steps missing there, like being mayor, or state senator first? Plus if he actually wins, the Governor of Illinois works and lives in Springfield, not Chicago (about 200 miles apart). So is Matthew Perry’s character also running for Governor, or just threatening Peter to come after his family for someone he’s working for? And Cary’s back at Lockhart-Gardner! Awesome. I guess that means Season 4 will be mostly Peter running for Governor, and not a lot about the workings of the State Attorney’s office, so there’s no need for a main character working in that office anymore. Hmm, sick!Jackie. I really, really hope it’s not going to be “Peter lost his mother, Alicia feels sorry for him, gets back together with him”.

The Good Wife S03E19 (Blue Ribbon Panel) Review

Case of the Week

No court case this week, as Alicia is asked by Diane to take her place on a blue ribbon panel investigating a shooting of a black man by a white police officer. So basically Matthew Perry’s character point was, if the real facts of the case were to come out (the undercover police officers never identified themselves as police, the gun that was purpotedly the victim might be planted by one the officers), it might cause race riots in Chicago. Yup, that’s right, we should cover up injustices perpetrated against African-American victims because if the public found out, there might be riots. Bleghhhhhh. Excuse me while I go throw up. So, did Alicia recuse herself to protect Peter?

Kalinda’s Tax Problem

So her old FBI pal Lana Delaney is behind the IRS investigation. Is she really after Lemond Bishop the drug lord, or this is just her harassing Kalinda for turning down her offer to work for the FBI? Or is the show implying she’s a spurned woman who is trying to get back at Kalinda for personal rejection?

 Alicia and Her Dream a.k.a Old House

Alicia and this house is getting out of control, not to mention totally out of character for Alicia. Ughhh, I hate this storyline. She almost brushed off the investigator trying to tell her about the planted gun because she was too busy talking on the phone with the current owner of the house. I don’t get this obsession with her old house.  But I guess Jackie buying the house will lead to more Alicia-Jackie battles, something I’m always up for, so something good did come out of this weird storyline.

Will and Diane

David Lee: Do you know that Diane is digging this firm’s grave because of her loyalty to you?
Will: No, I didn’t know that.
David Lee: Will, I always like you, I thought you were smart, but this firm is not owned by you or Diane, and she is treating it like it is. She’s not making smart business or legal decisions.
Will: And what are the smart decisions?
David Lee: She needs help at the top. She is overwhelmed, and she can’t ask for help because she’s holding the spot for you.
Will: You want me to support you to replace me?
David Lee: No. I want you to tell Diane to make smart decisions, not based on loyalty.

This is actually a really smart move by David Lee, to appeal to Will’s pragmatism. And maybe a teeny tiny bit of ego as well, Will probably wants to believe that Diane wants to keep him as a named-partner because of how valuable he is to the firm, not because of personal loyalty. So of course, Will went to Diane, to play his usual Mr. Pragmatic role to counter what he considers Diane’s excessive idealism. And what could be more idealistic than putting personal loyalty above making smart decisions, right? Even if the personal loyalty is towards Will himself.

Will: Why are you doing this?
Diane: Doing what?
Will: Holding my seat for me.
Diane; Do you want me not to?
Will: I don’t want you holding my seat out of some misguided sense of loyalty.
Diane: Well, you’d do the same.
Will; No, I wouldn’t.
Diane: No, you would. Because it’s smart. David Lee, Julius and Eli are children, who’ve been told they can’t have a toy, which makes them want it even more. But if they got it, they would just break it. Which is why we have to keep it out of their reach.
Will: Good, as long as you’re doing it because it’s smart.
Diane: Always.

I love this relationship, maybe even more than Alicia-Kalinda. There is an element of “the lady doth protest too much” with Will’s “I won’t do the same for you” and Diane’s “I’m only doing it because it’s a smart for the firm (and I can’t stand those three bickering children!)” assertions. They are saying things they think the other person needs to hear.

Dan Rydell versus Will Gardner

Before Josh Charles was our favorite suspended, ethically-challenged lawyer in The Good Wife, he was our favorite sports anchor in Sports Night.

Yeah, I’d ditch Peter Krause for Clay Davis too. Lisa Edelstein, on the other hand, can stay.

In real life, Josh Charles is five years younger than Julianna Margulies, but I totally believe Will and Alicia went to law school together.

Obviously The Good Wife needs to have a scene like this too, to match this picture. I nominate David Lee as the other guy.

Will Gardner and his magical hands.

The Good Wife S03E16 (After the Fall) Review – “Some Schmuck in Chicago” Edition

Do Will’s sisters think he’s poor or something? He’s a named partner in a big law firm (worth 38 millions in yearly assets, according to Will), he’s a guy who once loaned $100,000 to his friend Judge Baxter, I’m sure Will can afford to be out of work for 6 months without needing to find another job or needing his brother-in-law to put in a good word with some people. On the other hand, it’s really hilarious to see his sisters not really making much of his success as a lawyer. I wonder what was Will’s true calling, if it was true that he only became a lawyer because his father wanted him to? 

“I know you guys think I’m just some schmuck in Chicago, but I have three hundred employees waiting on my words”.

“I swear, I could win the Nobel Prize, and you’d still think I gave up my calling.”

“You guys do know my firm has 38 million dollars in yearly assets, right?”

“Who’s that? You got your sweet voice on.” Hah! Busted, Will. I knew his sisters will mistakenly assume Kalinda is the woman he was speaking on the phone with the minute she walked into the apartment. Kalinda seems to take it all in stride. I love Will running out of his bedroom the minute he heard his sisters greeting Kalinda. But Will, taking her into your bedroom! Surely that’s not going to cool the speculation. 

That judge is just a jerk. You’re a grown man acting in a professional capacity, stop being so easily manipulated by the latest pliant, docile, pretending-to-be-helpless-will-you-help-me-ou-here-mr-strong-judge pretty blonde. If you’re to stupid to see through Nancy Crozier’s and Caitlin’s faux-naive, ditzy-blonde act, then you’re too stupid to be a judge. I guess I don’t really blame Alicia for resorting to the same tactic as Crozier and unleashing Caitlin on the judge since the judge was so obviously smitten with Crozier and being biased against Alicia, but the whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It’s like feminism never happened at all. Bad behavior all around, not just by the male judge, but also by the female lawyers.

Eli, Julius and David Lee as the circling vultures trying to replace Will and muscle him out is predictable, but still hilarious. I suspect Diane’s refusal to even entertain the notion is not just out of loyalty to Will, but because those three annoyed her so much with all their scheming. So Will is back in his office, not sure in what capacity.

I don’t buy the Peter-being-the-keynote-speaker-at-the-DNC storyline at all. Come on, a lowly state’s attorney, who’s never even held statewide office, given that prominent a national platform? Barack Obama was a state senator running for the US Senate when he was chosen to give the keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. If this is the comparison they were going for, then it’s so far out, they’re not even on the same continent. Plus, we know that in The Good Wife universe, the current President is Barack Obama (he’s been referred to as the President in numerous episodes). Can you imagine Obama as the Democratic presidential nominee agreeing to someone with Peter Florrick’s tawdry history to give the keynote address at the convention? NOT.GONNA.HAPPEN, no matter what Donna Brazile might say. (Plus, if we’re talking real-world facts colliding with the show universe here, how much pull does Donna Brazile have with the Obama campaign anyway? I just can’t imagine David Plouffe or David Axelrod caring a lot about Brazile’s opinion on who should give the keynote address).  

Will’s apartment is awesome! He has a grand piano. And there are cute little plants in his room. And I’m not seeing a huge flat-screen TV. What happened to you big TV, Will? Did you dump it after the break-up with Tammy?

The Good Wife S03E16 (After the Fall) Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek for The Good Wife S03E16 (After the Fall). And it’s all about Will.

Kalinda: Will, when I leave, you’re not gonna curl up into little ball and cry, are you?
Will: Tears of joy and relaxation.

Heh. Kalinda Sharma, harbinger of truth! Remember when Kalinda told Alicia she’s a good lawyer, but she’s always expecting people to give her stuff? (this was because Kalinda thought Alicia wasn’t being aggressive enough in the battle with Cary to NOT get fired). Ahhh, good times. Is it just me, of does Will’s apartment suddenly become nicer than what we saw when he was dating Tammy? All I remember from that was a sofa, a huuuge flat-screen TV (and I mean HUGE, it’s the only thing I could focus on), and Will and Tammy fooling around under a blanket in front of the sofa. I don’t think it looked as nice and comfy as this, more like a bachelor pad owned by guy who has a lot of money but can’t decorate to save his life (and probably don’t really care about it). Suddenly it’s all throw cushions and plants? Did Alicia redecorate his apartment when they were sleeping together? Even weirder, it looks like he’s living in a loft or a converted warehouse, but the previous apartment looked like regular apartment. Of course the show will want us to think he just moved or something.

The Good Wife – Will Has Two Sisters!

Of course Will has sisters. From his interactions with Diane and Kalinda, I always thought so. Although the show is not being very groundbreaking here – the fun-loving, irresponsible younger sister and the bossy, Type-A older sister. Really? That’s the best you can do? Stereotype, much?

This picture is just so awesome on so many level; casual!Will, Kalinda in the middle. Hey, who needs Alicia, right?

Will and the presumably fun-loving younger sister. Please, please, please, sing, Josh Charles!

My bossy, Type-A older sister (heh!) had a theory that you can tell what type of a teenage girl someone was based on her favorite character from Dead Poets Society –  are you a Robert Sean Leonard, Ethan Hawke or Josh Charles’ girl? My own theory was the world is divided into teenage girls who love DPS and those who don’t. Those who do are sappy romantics who are beyond help (sorry!). Oh captain, my captain? Oh, please. Shut it, Robin Williams, you’re not as revolutionary as you think!!! But … but …  I do admit a certain, umm, shall we say, fondness for Knox Overstreet (sucker!). Josh Charles, 23 years later.