Interviews with Josh Charles on The Good Wife Season Finale

Josh Charles in Vulture and Entertainment Weekly talking about Will and The Good Wife season finale (The Dream Team).

On Will-Alicia:

So does this mean it’s really over for Will and Alicia? Or will that always be in the air?
I really don’t know. I do know that the relationship has shifted into a deeper place, and you see that in the finale. There’s a really nice scene between Alicia and Will towards the end of the episode that was one of my favorites to shoot, and you’ll see what I mean when you watch it. It’s a complicated relationship. There’s a lot of love there, so who knows …

On Will-Callie:

I don’t really know what [series creators] Robert and Michelle King have in mind specifically, but I’ve done two movies with Julianne [Nicholson] and I absolutely adore her. I think she’s a great actor and I really like her character. I like the idea of two addictive personalities together. There’s potential drama there.

On working with Jerry Adler (Howard Lyman):

First of all, I want him in every scene I’m in. I’m obsessed with him. I love the character. I love how they write it, the shifts and turns and how they’ve utilized him. I love Jerry. I love this beautiful humanity he brings to the role. He’s such an amazing person with such history in the business and such a class act. He brings such an incredible energy to the show. The scene where he asks Diane and me if Cary’s gay because he picked two men that he wanted to be on a deserted island with — if you could watch the outtakes on that, I cannot believe they cut it together because I didn’t even know I gave them one take without just completely almost pissing my pants. I would say I laughed in all but maybe one take. There’s just something about his delivery, he slays me.



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