Sweet Hun Bin Photo

Hyun Bin listening attentively to Friend, Our Legend director Kwak Kyung Taek. The hand-holding is really sweet. Or was the director showing him how to break someone’s wrist?

I really wish they had done that war movie “Beautiful Us” with Joo Jin Mo.

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Sad Hyun Bin Video

Rewatched Episode 19 of Friend, Our Legend today. Bad idea, hehe. I suddenly realize all the shows I’m currently watching are serious, dramatic, sometimes depressing stuff. (Weeeell, you could argue that House has its jokey and light-hearted moments, but I’ve grown really tired of House’s hijinks and pranks and they’re not the reason I watch the show, so that doesn’t really count). Sighhh. I need something fun, silly and light-hearted, with no angst whatsoever.

Sad!Binnie. Wow, I forgot how good he was in Ireland.

Jung Yoo Mi in Rooftop Prince

For some reason, I initially thought it’s the other Jung Yoo Mi (Que Sera Sera, The Crucible) who will be the second female lead in Rooftop Prince, but no, it’s Eun Ji from Friend, Our Legend. Sadly for me, she’s playing second lead again, which means she won’t get the guy AGAIN. Recently she was the second lead in A Thousand Days’ Promise (is this any good? I can’t really stand Kim Rae Won). Can’t this girl get any break??

I have this issue sometimes when watching Kdrama, instead of second male lead syndrome, I usually have second female lead syndrome. Especially when the heroine is too passive and/or self-sacrificing and/or indecisive, I’d rather the hero ends up with the too aggressive and/or evil second lead who is at least willing to fight for what she wants.

A twofer – missing Hyun Bin, and feeling bad for Eun Ji. It’s okay, Eun Ji, at least you have Dong Soo’s son!

What, for moi? Awwwwww, you shouldn’t have. 

I Watch Korean Drama – Friend, Our Legend

The voiceover from the first scene of Friend, Our Legend still haunts me to this day, months after I saw the drama. I wonder if part of the reason Jin Sook couldn’t choose Dong Soo has to do with the fear of being expected to be too much for Dong Soo. Part of me thinks it’s really touching and romantic when he told Jin Sook that in his whole life, there are only two people who have given him dream and hope to live – the art teacher and Jin Sook. But another part of me thinks it’s scary to be the be-all-and-end-all for someone, too much pressure and expectation, too much fear that you’ll fall short and end up ruining the other person’s life. And there’s also the way that Dong Soo seems to be idealizing Jin Sook too much, that in some ways, he doesn’t really see her in her entirety, good qualities and negative qualities, flaws, warts and all, the way I think Jun Seok ultimately does. I guess in the end, no matter how much my heart breaks for Dong Soo, I think Jin Sook probably made the best choice she could. (And no, my heart didn’t break for Dong Soo just because he’s played by Hyun Bin, he is truly a heartbreaking character).         

The sky is crying again
The sky that understands the way of the world
It can be confirmed that the sky understands better than me
The sorrow present in the human world
So, I determine that the sky has to cry often
But, when the sky is crying
It’s the first time I felt love
It’s like the drizzling rain that stops
And reveals the clear blue sky
Looking at me, she shows a beautiful smile
If only that smile, that beautiful smile
Can stay in this world forever
It doesn’t matter what I’ve become