Jung Yoo Mi in Rooftop Prince

For some reason, I initially thought it’s the other Jung Yoo Mi (Que Sera Sera, The Crucible) who will be the second female lead in Rooftop Prince, but no, it’s Eun Ji from Friend, Our Legend. Sadly for me, she’s playing second lead again, which means she won’t get the guy AGAIN. Recently she was the second lead in A Thousand Days’ Promise (is this any good? I can’t really stand Kim Rae Won). Can’t this girl get any break??

I have this issue sometimes when watching Kdrama, instead of second male lead syndrome, I usually have second female lead syndrome. Especially when the heroine is too passive and/or self-sacrificing and/or indecisive, I’d rather the hero ends up with the too aggressive and/or evil second lead who is at least willing to fight for what she wants.

A twofer – missing Hyun Bin, and feeling bad for Eun Ji. It’s okay, Eun Ji, at least you have Dong Soo’s son!

What, for moi? Awwwwww, you shouldn’t have. 


7 thoughts on “Jung Yoo Mi in Rooftop Prince

      • Yeah sometimes I do feel bad for the second female lead, but in Rooftop Prince she was just a really horrible human being who was impossible to feel sorry for lol. I’m glad that they accepted each other as sisters in the end though. It showed some sign of her maybe starting to become human in the future.

        • At least her modern-day character redeemed herself in the end, heh. The Joseon era woman is just cold, cold, cold. How could she just watch her sister eat the persimmon and die like that??

          • Yeah really!! Not only is she going to kill her husband, but she just lets her sister die too. And the whole time she is more worried about the fact that Boo Yong has ruined her plans and her and her family will be punished. Made me so mad!!

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