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  1. thanks for all the music from house episodes, I could not find those songs on youtube / i already had some of them but just like an hour ago I have seen the last episode so… I am really, really sentimental now O:-)

    • You’re welcome 🙂 They choose two amazing songs for the final episode. I read an interview with David Shore where he said initially they planned to use the Warren Zevon song only, but Hugh Laurie suggested the “Enjoy Yourself” song, and Shore thought it was perfect for the “riding off into the sunset on bikes” scene, hehe.

  2. Really love to watch your blog more and more. I even watch when I am on the way to my work via the cell phone. The TV shows, the TV & Movies music, the Interviews and interesting thoughts, etc. Can’t find any blogger is so updated and resourceful on blogspot or wordpress. Many ThXXXX!!! Hope you keep writing!!!

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