Ben Whishaw and Judi Dench in “Peter and Alice”

So that rumored John Logan’s play starring Whishaw and Dench has been confirmed. The premise is not as bonkers as I initially thought, it’s not Peter Pan meeting with Alice from Alice in Wonderland, but the real people who are the inspiration for the two characters meeting each other. The synopsis:

When Alice Liddell Hargreaves met Peter Llewelyn Davies at the opening of a Lewis Carroll exhibition in 1932, the original Alice in Wonderland came face to face with the original Peter Pan. In John Logan’s remarkable new play, enchantment and reality collide as this brief encounter lays bare the lives of these two extraordinary characters.

Judi Dench and Ben Whishaw


In other Ben Whishaw related news, the release date for Cloud Atlas has been moved forward from December to October 26th, in part because Warner Bros is encouraged by positive audience response during early screenings. December is notorious for a lot of films being released to qualify for the Oscars, so maybe the studio doesn’t want to risk Cloud Atlas getting lost in the crowd.


if you do not love me I shall not be loved, if I do not love you I shall not love

terrified again
of not loving
of loving and not you
of being loved and not by you

My sister is visiting, and we did a love story marathon last night – one tearjerker (Ghost) and one romcom (Love Actually). I last saw Ghost years ago as a teenager, and I honestly thought I’d be more skeptical this time around (oh, please!) But nope, I still cried. This song … it’s too much, even shirtless!PatrickSwayze couldn’t distract me.

My favorite story in Love Actually is the Emma Thompson/Alan Rickman marriage, but Bill Nighy the dissolute yet somehow still charming rake is a very close second. My sister is aghast. “Bill Nighy?? He’s like, older than Dad!” Hah!

More TV Promo for The Dark Knight Rises – Lucius Fox and Rise

Awwww, look at Lucius Fox trying to tempt Bruce Wayne with awesome toys! Hmmm, Bruce Wayne is using a cane in this scene, BEFORE he comes back as Batman, so the injury is unrelated to being Batman?

Looks more like Bane is the one rising, not The Dark Knight.

Idris Elba Interview on Prometheus

How he was offered the role in Prometheis:

It was a phone call from Ridley Scott. I’d worked with him before. He’d called my agent and said, “Idris, can I get on the phone with you?” And I said yes, of course, and we spoke about it very quickly. And he said, “I’d love you to do it,” and that was it.

On Ridley Scott as a director:

He has a flair for making the unrealistic seem realistic. He’s kind of like a painter. If he’s painting a lake, he’s gonna spend time adding the layers to make the water look like it’s shimmering. What he does actually is tell you exactly how he’s going to edit you into the film. So you get a sense of where your role [is], how it should work, what kind of dynamic it wants.

On the connection between Prometheus and alien:

Actually, I think there’s a tendency to lean away from the prequel scenario, because this film is epic on its own. As the title “Prometheus” suggests, it has a history that is slightly disconnected from just aliens and spaceships, so to speak. I think what’s exciting is that we know the director made “Alien”—and he’s making this.

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