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The Good Wife

I can’t believe the season is over! Is everybody going for 22 episodes now, instead of 24? It’s a less satisfying season in many ways, mainly due to the lack of a coherent season-long plotline like Peter’s campaign for State’s Attorney last season. But I guess Peter can’t run for office every season, heh. Where would it end? Scandal-ridden, former prostitute-frequenter Peter Florrick running for President?

Having Peter run for governor next season is pretty ridiculous, though. I know why the show feels like it has to do this, Eli plotting and scheming at Lockhart-Gardner is only entertaining for a few episodes, after that, it gets old and tedious really fast. They haven’t found a way to use Eli very well as part of the LG family; most of the time this season, he’s used just as comic relief. 

I really, really dislike the “Alicia wants to buy her old house, and then Jackie bought it, and now Peter is living in it” storyline. This smacks like a set-up for Alicia and Peter getting back together (for real, not for show to help his campaign). I don’t necessarily have a problem with Alicia and Peter together again, I just don’t like the feeling of the deck being stacked, all the pieces being arranged so they will fall into the right places.

House M.D

To be honest, I thought this show should have ended around Season 6. On the other hand, this season has restored my faith a little bit (the Chase-Taub-Park-Adams team is the second best House’s minions team on the show, IMO), so it’s bittersweet to see it ends now. But I suppose it’s better to end on a slightly high-note, rather than when the show was at its lowest point. Where did they go wrong? In some ways, probably not the show’s fault, the nature of the main character means that they won’t be able to sustain the show for a long time. There’s only so far you can go, so many times House can do THE MOST SHOCKING THING EVA!!! Where I would blame the show is the treatment of the secondary characters. When House fired/lost his team at the end of Season 3, the show should have been brave enough to ditch those actors and focus on the new doctors, instead of keeping them around for a few scenes each episode, and just pissing people off more. Maybe they couldn’t because of contractual reasons, but if that’s the case, why the heck did they go for that storyline anyway? Just to get a shocking season finale? Oh well, water under the bridge now.

Game of Thrones

I feel kinda silly being so bothered by the more obvious use of magic and supernatural power in the show lately, since the show is based on a fantasy series and all, but there it is … it does make me look at the show in a different way.

If Stannis and Melisandre’s smoke baby can kill anyone, what’s to prevent Stannis from sending it to kill Joffrey? And the rest of the Lannisters? Robb Stark, too, while he’s at it. What are the rules here? Is the smoke baby a one-time proposition who can only kill once and then disappears? Will Melisandre and Stannis have to have sex again every time they need another smoke baby to kill someone else? They’re interesting questions, and the nerdy part of me finds the idea delightful actually. But the rule-and-order part of me is SERIOUSLY rebelling, because if you can just use magic to do stuff, what’s the point of people scheming and plotting, all the intrigues, planning, backstabbing, politicking, which is the part of the show I love the most? I think I would feel very different if the show had set up the universe of the show in a way that makes magic feel like a natural occurrence in these people’s lives. You’re not going to watch a show like Merlin for example and complain about the use of magic.

Josh Charles Interview After The Good Wife Season Finale

Josh Charles interview in LA Times about the season finale of The Good Wife (The Dream Team).

On whether Will’s experiences this season has changed him:

Knowing [executive producers] Robert and Michelle [King] the way I do, I don’t think anything’s going to be a complete 180 [-degree turn]. I don’t think he’s going to come out a born-again, but I do think that there are elements of him that have changed. It’s difficult for someone like him who’s such a competitive animal, and you get into the world of law, the game of it really taps into his addictive personality.

On the Will-Alicia elevator scene in this season’s finale (when Will asked Alicia “was it a mistake?”):

I really liked that scene. It shows there’s still a very deep relationship there, one that’s built on a deep level of respect. At the core of these two characters’ relationship is a really deep bond. It goes deeper than sex, than being together; it’s a mutual respect. That doesn’t go away just like that. I think he really loves her.  It’s not like she’s the only one for him in his entire life, but there’s real love there.

On the bond between Will and Kalinda:

They’re both mysterious and they don’t allow a lot of vulnerability. We’ve also seen their armor chipped away this season. They are two characters who are loyal to each other and always have each other’s backs. There is a mutual appreciation there, a history and a bond.

The Good Wife S03E22 (The Dream Team) – I’m So Over Louis Canning!

Gahhh, I want Will to dump Callie and get together with Patti Nyholm and her two kids! Josh Charles and Martha Plimpton are so great in their scenes together. On the other hand, I am so sick of Canning being a mastermind and besting Lockhart-Gardner every other episode. Thank god someone finally called him out for his manipulating of people using his illness. Bleghh. I’m starting to think the show is being disrespectful of Michael J. Fox, saddling him with this character and this storyline. And why is Lockhart-Gardner always two seconds away from going bust? Diane and Will seem very efficient and good at their jobs, and yet the firm is always on the verge of going bankrupt.

Was Peter protecting Alicia at the expense of his political careeer, by admitting to their separation? The Good Husband? I’m worried the show will use this next season as an excuse to make Alicia get back together with Peter. I bet Peter will not sell the house, Zach and Grace will love it too much, bla bla bla.

I can’t wait for Kalinda’s ex-husband to turn up next season. My mind immediately goes to mafia and organized crime the minute they mentioned construction. Horrible stereotyping? Maybe, heh.

Song from The Good Wife S03E22 (The Dream Team) – Real Love by Beach House

The song from The Good Wife Season 3 Episode 22.

Real Love (Beach House)

I met you somewhere in a hell beneath the stairs
There’s someone in that room that frightens you when they go boom

The color you say is black is the one you might lack
In the size of your eyes, is there a righteous prize?

I met you

There’s something wrong with our hearts when they beat pure they stand apart
In the black room, the light, watch the seabird fall
Real love, it finds you somewhere with your back to it

I met you

You know, you know, we belong by the stream, to the dawn

Will-Alicia Elevator Scene (The Good Wife)

I love Peter-Eli in election and campaign mode, but I’m slightly worried that they’re going the route of Alicia getting back together with Peter. Weirdly, I don’t really mind if Alicia is just doing it for show to help Peter’s campaign, but if she truly has forgiven Peter and wants them to start over, that’s more disturbing and disappointing. The Alicia-Will breakup makes sense, the furtiveness of the relationship is not something Alicia can sustain for long, too much guilt floating around for the relationship to work out.

The elevator scene in last season’s finale is still brilliant, though. Alicia’s hesitation at first, when the elevator door kept opening and closing, Will holding her hand to reassure her, culminating with Alicia being the one to open the hotel room door.

Interviews with Josh Charles on The Good Wife Season Finale

Josh Charles in Vulture and Entertainment Weekly talking about Will and The Good Wife season finale (The Dream Team).

On Will-Alicia:

So does this mean it’s really over for Will and Alicia? Or will that always be in the air?
I really don’t know. I do know that the relationship has shifted into a deeper place, and you see that in the finale. There’s a really nice scene between Alicia and Will towards the end of the episode that was one of my favorites to shoot, and you’ll see what I mean when you watch it. It’s a complicated relationship. There’s a lot of love there, so who knows …

On Will-Callie:

I don’t really know what [series creators] Robert and Michelle King have in mind specifically, but I’ve done two movies with Julianne [Nicholson] and I absolutely adore her. I think she’s a great actor and I really like her character. I like the idea of two addictive personalities together. There’s potential drama there.

On working with Jerry Adler (Howard Lyman):

First of all, I want him in every scene I’m in. I’m obsessed with him. I love the character. I love how they write it, the shifts and turns and how they’ve utilized him. I love Jerry. I love this beautiful humanity he brings to the role. He’s such an amazing person with such history in the business and such a class act. He brings such an incredible energy to the show. The scene where he asks Diane and me if Cary’s gay because he picked two men that he wanted to be on a deserted island with — if you could watch the outtakes on that, I cannot believe they cut it together because I didn’t even know I gave them one take without just completely almost pissing my pants. I would say I laughed in all but maybe one take. There’s just something about his delivery, he slays me.


The Good Wife S03E21 (The Penalty Box) – I Love the Small Town Judge Edition

I love the small town judge handling the hearing for Judge Cuesta. He’s very friendly and not overbearing at all, but completely in charge of the courtroom, and would not take any nonsense from the lawyers. And of course Prez from The Wire as the prosecutor. This is the fourth alumni from The Wire to appear on The Good Wife, I think, after Cutty and Carver as clients of Lockhart-Gardner, and Bodie as Lemond Bishop’s right hand man. Judge Cuesta is lying at the end, right? When he said he never saw the credit card statements that would have exonerated the defendant?

I guess with Peter running for governor next season, we won’t see much of the workings of the State Attorney’s office, so they had to bring Cary back to Lockhart-Gardner. A little insensitive on Diane’s part, after all, Cary was involved in the grand jury proceedings against Will. Who would have thought Eli would be the one to spill the bean to Peter about Cary interviewing for a job at Lockhart-Gardner? Cary was careful to remind Alicia not to tell Peter, but he forgot Eli works there too. Love Will’s semi-disgusted expression when Howard backed him up about not hiring Cary – on the one hand, he’s on my side, on the other hand, his reason for agreeing with me is because he’s a HOMOPHOBE!

“Will, I don’t mean to intrude, but could you please keep your pants zipped?” Hah! So Diane didn’t actually take back the job offer to Callie because she’s dating Will, right? Callie is the one who decided to take another job because it was a better offer. I wonder though how much Will’s obvious discomfort at the thought of them working in the same firm influences her decision. I actually like the Will-Callie pairing, Callie seems like a grown-up, albeit one with a baggage (her past cocaine addiction), unlike Will’s other relationships.

So it’s confirmed now that Lana’s investigation of Kalinda is just payback for being rejected? Ughhh. She had to know that talking to Lemond Bishop would put Kalinda’s life in danger. Well at least Kalinda and Alicia is well on their way to be BFF again. I don’t think I can stand another season with the two of them not really talking.

The Good Wife Season 3 Episode 21 (The Penalty Box) Photos and Synopsis

Alicia is defending a judge (David Paymer) against a misconduct charge (it’s that judge from the very first episode of the show, who told Alicia he never saw eye to eye with her husband). Cary is considering coming back to Lockhart-Gardner, and Will is in trouble with Diane because the woman he slept with last week is about to be hired by the firm (opps!). Photos from the episode: