Thirteen is coming back as the House-Whisperer! Awesome! NOT.

Oh goody, Thirteen is the House-Whisperer.  I’m almost tempted to NOT watch the episode, for fear of damaging my screen from throwing stuff at it. “Heal his spirit”? Please pass me the bucket. Bleghhhhh bleghhhh bleghhhhh.

“Thirteen reappears really in the form an intervention almost,” reveals Laurie in the following exclusive sneak peek. The former Princeton-Plainsboro MD shares scenes not only with Dr. Grumpmeister, but his ailing better half, Wilson, as well. Knowing a thing or two about impending death, perhaps she can “heal” his spirits?

Maybe Peter Jacobson is not even joking here. If I were in his place, I’d be annoyed. You work so hard for a show, but the finale comes, and it’s all about a past character. At least Chase got a sweet, graceful goodbye, what about Taub and Foreman? Shunted to the side now that the “prodigal daughter” and the writers’ favorite is back?

Offscreen, the reunion was a little… uncomfortable. “There’s fun and camaraderie [among the cast], but really that came out when [Wilde] had left,” deadpans Peter JacobsonNow that she’s back, it makes things a little bit awkward.”

Dear House writers: Olivia Wilde is not that into you. She ditched the show to do a bunch of crappy sci-fi movies. Get over her already, and stop pissing off the few viewers you still have by turning the last two episodes  into “Thirteen, M.D”. I say this with love.


Amber Tamblyn Back for House M.D Series Finale (Everybody Dies)

Amber Tamblyn is reprising her role as Martha M. Masters for House’s series finale. I actually like Masters, certainly a lot more than Thirteen. But reading this, plus another article about how Jennifer Morrison (Cameron) was not even approached by the producers to appear at the series finale is pissing me off. Not to mention the Thirteen two -episodes comeback. Hey, they even brought the dead guy back (Kal Penn)!

I suppose this is the team considered the most important by House writers, they HAD to have a reunion for the series finale, screw Foreman, Chase and Cameron. Who cares if the rating drop actually started once they broke up the Foreman-Chase-Cameron team. Olivia Wilde is just too awesome!! Bleghhhh.


House MD Finale News

Olivia Wilde is not just back for the finale, she’s booked for TWO episodes. Great, let’s cheer for an all-Thirteen-all-the-time finale! They couldn’t make the effort to bring back Cuddy, who was a much, much more important character than Thirteen, but they can bring Olivia Wilde back for two episodes. It’s great to have the writers so in love with you, I guess. Meanwhile, the title of the final episode has been revealed (“Everybody Dies”). I think it’s a play on the show’s usual refrain (everybody lies), and not a spoiler that everyone on the show will die. Hopefully it will be a straight ending with no stupid twist like House has been dead or in a coma all along, and everything we’ve seen is his imagination.


House S08E15 (Blowing the Whistle) Promo and Series Finale News

This better not be another House-fakes-cancer-to-get-high thing. House facing an illness storyline could work as a series finale. Wilson and his “son” is another fake-out storyline, right? I don’t believe it.

Promo photos for the episode:

Some news regarding the series finale. First, bad news, Cuddy won’t be coming back. Not surprising, considering how Lisa Edelstein made her exit. Another bad news, Thirteen is back for the finale. Ughhhh. My main probalem with this character is not so much how grating she is, or even Olivia Wilde’s perpetual half-smirk brand of acting. It’s the fact that the House writers obviously have a crush for this actress and/or character, so that anytime Thirteen is around, the show becomes all about her.