Thirteen is coming back as the House-Whisperer! Awesome! NOT.

Oh goody, Thirteen is the House-Whisperer.  I’m almost tempted to NOT watch the episode, for fear of damaging my screen from throwing stuff at it. “Heal his spirit”? Please pass me the bucket. Bleghhhhh bleghhhh bleghhhhh.

“Thirteen reappears really in the form an intervention almost,” reveals Laurie in the following exclusive sneak peek. The former Princeton-Plainsboro MD shares scenes not only with Dr. Grumpmeister, but his ailing better half, Wilson, as well. Knowing a thing or two about impending death, perhaps she can “heal” his spirits?

Maybe Peter Jacobson is not even joking here. If I were in his place, I’d be annoyed. You work so hard for a show, but the finale comes, and it’s all about a past character. At least Chase got a sweet, graceful goodbye, what about Taub and Foreman? Shunted to the side now that the “prodigal daughter” and the writers’ favorite is back?

Offscreen, the reunion was a little… uncomfortable. “There’s fun and camaraderie [among the cast], but really that came out when [Wilde] had left,” deadpans Peter JacobsonNow that she’s back, it makes things a little bit awkward.”

Dear House writers: Olivia Wilde is not that into you. She ditched the show to do a bunch of crappy sci-fi movies. Get over her already, and stop pissing off the few viewers you still have by turning the last two episodes  into “Thirteen, M.D”. I say this with love.



7 thoughts on “Thirteen is coming back as the House-Whisperer! Awesome! NOT.

  1. Maybe her return is not needed so much (or we’ll be proved wrong?) but it seems that Olivia has a cheerful and vibrant personality and she is good friends will almost all cast and crew members. Her character was as good as the script lines they did for he, which is in my opinion more than Adams got. Adams’ characters is somehow dull and weak (and unfortunately they stopped developing it after s8e11 I believe, which is a shame, as at the beginning of season 8 she seemed to be an interesting addition to the show), no real story behind it. Olivia was not so loyal to the show but I don’t mind her character coming back as long as that is really meaningful for the storyline and the ending and at the end of the day their personal lives should not interfere with the show itself. I’d like to see some nice story closure for Taub and Foreman though as they do deserve that as you said.

    • Yeah, it’s weird that they haven’t really done anything with Adams. At least Park has some interesting moments, her relationship with her family, the connection with Chase etc etc. I think my main problem with Thirteen is it felt like the writers tried to push her down the audience’s throat, like – you must like her!! She’s an amazing character, she’s the only one who understands House, her struggle with her illness is unprecendented in the show’s history etc etc. For a show that’s never been afraid to make the other characters unlikable and unsympathetic at times, (even House and Wilson), it feels really, really jarring. The fact that she keeps leaving, and then coming back, again, doesn’t really help. I wonder what kind of contract she had, that she could leave in the middle of a season, come back again the next season, and then leave again in the middle of that season.

      Storywise, it makes sense that the dying doctor would come back to give Wilson some advice, I guess. I’m just afraid the writers are going to make the moment about Thirteen, rather than about Wilson and House.

  2. Yes, even Park has better story arc that Adams. It really was annoying that 13 kept on coming and going and it seems that she really has some good connections there 😦 It seems Jesse was not able to go and film anything else even in seasons 4 and 5 when his appearance was reduced to a few minutes per episode. That seems a bit unfair Anyway, let’s hope they won’t overdo her presence in the last two episodes! That might ruin everything,

    • It’s incredible that after the way the show treated Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morrison in Seasons 4 and 5, you don’t hear stories about them complaining, or throwing temper tantrums or whatnot. Very little drama, in fact. Good for them, professionals all the way.

  3. Yes, I agree. Even RSL once said he admired them for their professionalism. He said (which I find very funny and want to share with you): “TV doctor ROBERT SEAN LEONARD has poured praise on his HOUSE co-stars JENNIFER MORRISON and JESSE SPENCER for remaining “civil” on the set after calling off their engagement. The actor insists both should be commended for their professionalism – because he wouldn’t be able to deal with such a public split. He says, “They’re quite civil. They’re either very professional or very mature. “If I broke up with someone on the set, there would be pans flying. “They’ll hate me for saying this, but they’re both incredibly sweet.” Morrison accepted Spencer’s proposal in December 2006, but called off their engagement in August (07).

    • Oh god, yes, there’s that too! Not only did they get very. very reduced screentime, the story is mostly about Chase and Cameron in a relationship, Chase and Cameron getting engaged, Chase and Cameron getting married – and they had to do this after they broke up in real life.

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