House S08E15 (Blowing the Whistle) Promo and Series Finale News

This better not be another House-fakes-cancer-to-get-high thing. House facing an illness storyline could work as a series finale. Wilson and his “son” is another fake-out storyline, right? I don’t believe it.

Promo photos for the episode:

Some news regarding the series finale. First, bad news, Cuddy won’t be coming back. Not surprising, considering how Lisa Edelstein made her exit. Another bad news, Thirteen is back for the finale. Ughhhh. My main probalem with this character is not so much how grating she is, or even Olivia Wilde’s perpetual half-smirk brand of acting. It’s the fact that the House writers obviously have a crush for this actress and/or character, so that anytime Thirteen is around, the show becomes all about her.




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