Amber Tamblyn Back for House M.D Series Finale (Everybody Dies)

Amber Tamblyn is reprising her role as Martha M. Masters for House’s series finale. I actually like Masters, certainly a lot more than Thirteen. But reading this, plus another article about how Jennifer Morrison (Cameron) was not even approached by the producers to appear at the series finale is pissing me off. Not to mention the Thirteen two -episodes comeback. Hey, they even brought the dead guy back (Kal Penn)!

I suppose this is the team considered the most important by House writers, they HAD to have a reunion for the series finale, screw Foreman, Chase and Cameron. Who cares if the rating drop actually started once they broke up the Foreman-Chase-Cameron team. Olivia Wilde is just too awesome!! Bleghhhh.


4 thoughts on “Amber Tamblyn Back for House M.D Series Finale (Everybody Dies)

  1. I´m not american so my english´s not good
    In my opinion the earlier seasons of House were the best and when the house writers decided to broke the first team I felt dissapointed and it went from bad to worse
    I don´t think 13 is awesome she´s not a good actress and her character was boring,
    Taub and Masters are boring, too.
    I would´ve liked to watch the first team, even Kutner´ll be for House´s series finale, then why not Cameron ? In the best seasons of House she was there and now she won´t
    Dr. House ´s let me down it isn´t as good as it were al the beginning I stop watching it at the fifth season and now I ´ve been watching it because I wanted to see the first team again, so I don´t care Dr House it´s obvious i´ll have a bad final because the whole chapters have been boring (except two of them)

    • Oh I agree! What’s worse is they broke the Cameron-Chase-Foreman team up, but kept Cameron and Chase to appear for two or three minutes each episode in Seasons 4 and 5. They should have had the courage of their conviction and just got rid of those two, and concentrate on the new team. Instead, I keep missing them and can’t really focus on the new doctors (Kutner, Taub and Thirteen). Doesn’t help that the writers weren’t really that interested in exploring the characters of Kutner and Taub, it’s all about Thirteen, Thirteen and more Thirteen.

  2. I agree with K, Kutner, Master, Foreman and Thirteen aren´t interesting They are boring, so I don´t know why the writers are exploring Thirteen´s life who cares It !!!
    when she was in House she only talks, talks and talks and nothing interesting happened with her she´s not more interesting than Taub, so I think that bring her back is another bad desicion.

    • Maybe the writers and producers think Olivia Wilde is such a huuuuge movie star now, the viewers will be excited to see Thirteen again. Of course being in a few crappy blockbusters doesn’t necessarily make someone a huge movie star.

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