The Good Wife S03E16 (After the Fall) Review – “Some Schmuck in Chicago” Edition

Do Will’s sisters think he’s poor or something? He’s a named partner in a big law firm (worth 38 millions in yearly assets, according to Will), he’s a guy who once loaned $100,000 to his friend Judge Baxter, I’m sure Will can afford to be out of work for 6 months without needing to find another job or needing his brother-in-law to put in a good word with some people. On the other hand, it’s really hilarious to see his sisters not really making much of his success as a lawyer. I wonder what was Will’s true calling, if it was true that he only became a lawyer because his father wanted him to? 

“I know you guys think I’m just some schmuck in Chicago, but I have three hundred employees waiting on my words”.

“I swear, I could win the Nobel Prize, and you’d still think I gave up my calling.”

“You guys do know my firm has 38 million dollars in yearly assets, right?”

“Who’s that? You got your sweet voice on.” Hah! Busted, Will. I knew his sisters will mistakenly assume Kalinda is the woman he was speaking on the phone with the minute she walked into the apartment. Kalinda seems to take it all in stride. I love Will running out of his bedroom the minute he heard his sisters greeting Kalinda. But Will, taking her into your bedroom! Surely that’s not going to cool the speculation. 

That judge is just a jerk. You’re a grown man acting in a professional capacity, stop being so easily manipulated by the latest pliant, docile, pretending-to-be-helpless-will-you-help-me-ou-here-mr-strong-judge pretty blonde. If you’re to stupid to see through Nancy Crozier’s and Caitlin’s faux-naive, ditzy-blonde act, then you’re too stupid to be a judge. I guess I don’t really blame Alicia for resorting to the same tactic as Crozier and unleashing Caitlin on the judge since the judge was so obviously smitten with Crozier and being biased against Alicia, but the whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It’s like feminism never happened at all. Bad behavior all around, not just by the male judge, but also by the female lawyers.

Eli, Julius and David Lee as the circling vultures trying to replace Will and muscle him out is predictable, but still hilarious. I suspect Diane’s refusal to even entertain the notion is not just out of loyalty to Will, but because those three annoyed her so much with all their scheming. So Will is back in his office, not sure in what capacity.

I don’t buy the Peter-being-the-keynote-speaker-at-the-DNC storyline at all. Come on, a lowly state’s attorney, who’s never even held statewide office, given that prominent a national platform? Barack Obama was a state senator running for the US Senate when he was chosen to give the keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. If this is the comparison they were going for, then it’s so far out, they’re not even on the same continent. Plus, we know that in The Good Wife universe, the current President is Barack Obama (he’s been referred to as the President in numerous episodes). Can you imagine Obama as the Democratic presidential nominee agreeing to someone with Peter Florrick’s tawdry history to give the keynote address at the convention? NOT.GONNA.HAPPEN, no matter what Donna Brazile might say. (Plus, if we’re talking real-world facts colliding with the show universe here, how much pull does Donna Brazile have with the Obama campaign anyway? I just can’t imagine David Plouffe or David Axelrod caring a lot about Brazile’s opinion on who should give the keynote address).  

Will’s apartment is awesome! He has a grand piano. And there are cute little plants in his room. And I’m not seeing a huge flat-screen TV. What happened to you big TV, Will? Did you dump it after the break-up with Tammy?


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