The Good Wife S03E16 (After the Fall) Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek for The Good Wife S03E16 (After the Fall). And it’s all about Will.

Kalinda: Will, when I leave, you’re not gonna curl up into little ball and cry, are you?
Will: Tears of joy and relaxation.

Heh. Kalinda Sharma, harbinger of truth! Remember when Kalinda told Alicia she’s a good lawyer, but she’s always expecting people to give her stuff? (this was because Kalinda thought Alicia wasn’t being aggressive enough in the battle with Cary to NOT get fired). Ahhh, good times. Is it just me, of does Will’s apartment suddenly become nicer than what we saw when he was dating Tammy? All I remember from that was a sofa, a huuuge flat-screen TV (and I mean HUGE, it’s the only thing I could focus on), and Will and Tammy fooling around under a blanket in front of the sofa. I don’t think it looked as nice and comfy as this, more like a bachelor pad owned by guy who has a lot of money but can’t decorate to save his life (and probably don’t really care about it). Suddenly it’s all throw cushions and plants? Did Alicia redecorate his apartment when they were sleeping together? Even weirder, it looks like he’s living in a loft or a converted warehouse, but the previous apartment looked like regular apartment. Of course the show will want us to think he just moved or something.


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