The Good Wife Preview for Final Three Episodes of Season 3

With the tagline “It’s about consequences, seduction, power, ambition, influence.” Peter running straight for Governor from the State Attorney’s office? Hmm, seems like a few steps missing there, like being mayor, or state senator first? Plus if he actually wins, the Governor of Illinois works and lives in Springfield, not Chicago (about 200 miles apart). So is Matthew Perry’s character also running for Governor, or just threatening Peter to come after his family for someone he’s working for? And Cary’s back at Lockhart-Gardner! Awesome. I guess that means Season 4 will be mostly Peter running for Governor, and not a lot about the workings of the State Attorney’s office, so there’s no need for a main character working in that office anymore. Hmm, sick!Jackie. I really, really hope it’s not going to be “Peter lost his mother, Alicia feels sorry for him, gets back together with him”.


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