The Good Wife S03E22 (The Dream Team) – I’m So Over Louis Canning!

Gahhh, I want Will to dump Callie and get together with Patti Nyholm and her two kids! Josh Charles and Martha Plimpton are so great in their scenes together. On the other hand, I am so sick of Canning being a mastermind and besting Lockhart-Gardner every other episode. Thank god someone finally called him out for his manipulating of people using his illness. Bleghh. I’m starting to think the show is being disrespectful of Michael J. Fox, saddling him with this character and this storyline. And why is Lockhart-Gardner always two seconds away from going bust? Diane and Will seem very efficient and good at their jobs, and yet the firm is always on the verge of going bankrupt.

Was Peter protecting Alicia at the expense of his political careeer, by admitting to their separation? The Good Husband? I’m worried the show will use this next season as an excuse to make Alicia get back together with Peter. I bet Peter will not sell the house, Zach and Grace will love it too much, bla bla bla.

I can’t wait for Kalinda’s ex-husband to turn up next season. My mind immediately goes to mafia and organized crime the minute they mentioned construction. Horrible stereotyping? Maybe, heh.


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