Interview with Liam Cunnigham about Game of Thrones S02E09 (Blackwater)

Liam Cunnngham is like – well, Davos didn’t even make to the battle really, because of Peter Dinklage and his wildfire trick. Heh. He wouldn’t let his sons (14 and 11) watch the show, too young for it. Probably a wise decision.

Cunningham seems to be the one doing most of the interviews for Team Dragonstone. I’ve yet to see or read any interview with Stephen Dillane or Carice van Houten, except in the HBO featurette.

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Game of Thrones S02E01 (The North Remembers) – The Burning of the Seven Gods (Anatomy of a Scene)

Remember this scene from the first episode of Game of Thrones this season? Our introductory scene to Stannis-Davos-Melisandre at Dragonstone. It’s interesting, in the show, we’re led to believe that Davos is pretty much an atheist (or maybe agnostic), he doesn’t believe in any god, old or new. But we don’t really know how devoted Stannis was to the Seven Gods before Melisandre convinced him to convert to the religion of the Lord of Light. Not that he seems all that convinced about the Lord of Light in this episode, he sounds entirely NOT convinced when he was saying the words “for the night is dark and full of terrors”.

Apparently they used THIRTY swords to shoot that scene where Stannis pulled out the flaming sword!

Game of Thrones – Stannis Baratheon

I’m being a bad, bad reader, all for Stannis. Borrowed A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords from my brother, and did that horrible, horrible thing only slightly better than peeking at the ending of a book – I’m reading the chapters related to Stannis only. After this week’s episode, I couldn’t contain my curiosity, but don’t have time to delve through thousands of pages right now.   

My brother: They’re mostly from Davos’ POV … 
Me: Yay! Awesome!!
My brother: … except a few from Jon’s POV.
Me: Ughhhh. Can you mark which chapters, pleaseeeee, so I don’t have to read a bunch of unrelated Jon’s chapters?
My brother: You’re going to skip Jon’s chapters, aren’t you, even when you get around to reading the whole thing?
Me: Errmm, no comment.

No, no, of course I will read the whole thing without skipping anything when I got around the reading it, it would feel like cheating otherwise. And hey, maybe book!Jon is not as tedious as show!Jon. A girl can dream …

I’m not that far along A Clash of Kings yet, but there are already a lot of differences from the show.

This section contains spoilers from A Clash of Kings:

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