House S08E16 (Gut Check) – So, when did Taub turn into Cameron?

This is bullshit. I know the supporting actors probably have a clause in their contracts guaranteeing a few episodes each season focused on them, and this is probably one of Peter Jacobson’s very special episode. But House writers really screwed it up here, it’s like they forgot which character they’re writing for. Dear House writers, it’s TAUB, not CAMERON? Remember Taub? He’s NOT the doctor who gets emotionally involved with the patients, or acts super-judgmental towards them, or loses his objectivity because he either hates the patient, or likes the patient too much. That’s not who Taub is, you can’t suddenly make him like this just because you want to include this storyline, and it’s Taub’s turn in the limelight. This almost amounts to character assasination, and with a few episodes left, no time to fix it. Bleghhhhh!

I knew it! Wilson never had a kid. It was pretty fishy from the beginning, the “son” seems too perfect, like a fantasy kid, instead of a real child (come on, just look at the way the kid is dressed!) Sure, it’s horrible of House to hire an actor to pretend to be Wilson’s son, but at least it’s miles better than if he had actually hidden the fact the Wilson has a child for 11 years. Probably why Wilson forgave him so easily. House’s parting shot to the actor-kid – do you do an Australian accent? – what, is House thinking of scamming Chase too?

Park: Not everyone’s lucky enough to have your independence.
Chase: Don’t worry. When you lose your family, you’ll have it too.

I’ve never seen Chase play the little-orphan-Annie card before, but in his situation, it must be annoying to have someone constantly bitching about her family to you. Kinda sweet though, this friendship, I can’t see Park talking to Adams about her problems.

Park: I’m not sleeping with you.
Chase: That’s a shame.
Park: This is about Popo.
Chase: She’s not sleeping with me either. Right?
Park: You’re jealous of me, my family.
Chase: Maybe you’ve got too much, and I’ve got too little.
Park: I might sleep with you after all.

Ahhh, I love the economy of this scene, so much being conveyed, with so few lines and just a few looks. Darn it, show, why can’t you be this good the rest of the time?!  I love how Chase didn’t try to deny it, only restating it in a very succinct way. I love how Park didn’t go into a whole  “oh Chase, poor you” routine. (She was already interested in the “sleeping with you” part, even before Chase’s confession, like she told Taub). Not sure about Park moving back in with her parents, though. I guess this convo with Chase is a wake-up call for her about how she should appreciate her family, but … well, you can appreciate your family without necessarily living in the same house. They live in the same city, she can still live in her own apartment and come home to visit often.

So House got it wrong both times when he guessed why Chase offered to share his apartment with Park. House’s first guess was that it was guilt for pushing Park to move out of her parents’ house when she can’t really afford a place all on her own. But Park confirmed to Taub that Chase never pushed her, she had a fight with her mother. House’s second guess is that Chase is feeling guilty for all the women he casually bedded and discarded, but this doesn’t make sense to me. What does that have to do with sharing an apartment with Park? I suppose House is too busy screwing with Wilson and Taub this episode to really bring his A-game when it comes to Chase.

The best part of the episode? Chase playing cards and drinking Kentucky Straight Bourbon with Popo (Park’s grandmother).


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