It’s Elementary, my dear. Sherlock? What Sherlock? Nope, never heard of that show.

I couldn’t resist! They changed Watson into a woman (which is fine, and can be really awesome, done right), but then basically made her the nursemaid who is folllowing Holmes around taking care of him. Or in Jonny Lee Miller’s word:

“She’s looking after Sherlock, initially,” Jonny said. “She’s the sober companion [who] has to accompany him everywhere, [and] try and keep him on the straight and narrow, but he’s got it in his head that he wants to start work as a consultant – a detective consultant — so he drags her along with him and he starts to see that she has some real abilities to bring to the table.”

You know what’s worse? I bet there are writers and executives at CBS right now high-fiving each other and congratulating themselves for being so darn progressive about gender! and daring to push the boundary! bla bla bla. Bleghhh. Jonny Lee Miller seems to think he’s still playing Mr Knightley in Emma, the same inflection, the same tone of voice. This is not a period drama, Jonny, this is modern day Sherlock Holmes. Did they forget to give you that memo?

Okay, rant over.


Jonny Lee Miller is the New Sherlock Holmes

Jonny Lee Miller (“Hackers”, BBC’s “Emma” and yes, Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband) is slated to be Sherlock Holmes in CBS’ new show “Elementary” in which “a detective solve cases inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories, set in contemporary New York”. Hmm, this sounds very, very familiar ….. I wonder why? Apparently the BBC is already making noises about suing. Well, good for them! The casting of Miller, who did a play together with Benedict Cumberbatch (my one and only Holmes forever!!!) at the National Theatre prompted this retort from a “Sherlock” producer:

Sherlock producer Sue Vertue hinted that CBS are now sniffing around her team for casting clues. She told The Independent: “Johnny is a very fine actor, who I saw recently in the theatre when he and Benedict played alternating roles in Frankenstein. Let’s hope their pilot script has stayed further away from our Sherlock than their casting choice.”

Oh snap! This is so hilarious. I’m alternating between disgust and awe at CBS’ audacity. Due to the possible legal issues, I bet Miller’s character won’t even be called Sherlock Holmes, he’ll be Merlock Polmes or something with his sidekick Dr Batson. And how many Sherlock Holmes’ stories are there anyway? I don’t think they can sustain 22 episodes per season.

That said, the way they are staring at each other here …. move over Watson, there’s a new guy in town!