TDKR Stuff

Are people seriously discussing whether The Avengers will be a more memorable movie and/or will make more money than The Dark Knight Rises? Come on!! I love campy fun light superhero movies, but let’s get real here, how many people will actually remember what happens in The Avengers a year from now? The Iron Man movies were great fun, but I couldn’t tell you now what happened in them if my life depended on it. Chris Nolan’s movies are sometimes too humorless and cold for my taste (and enough dead wife/girlfriend already, Nolan!), but they’re always great fodder for in-depth discussions, and you remember them afterwards, even years later. On the box-office question, I’m still convinced TDKR has the edge, if only because of repeat viewings. The Avengers is not the kind of movie people go to see more than once (except for the most dedicated fanboys, I guess). Of course The Avengers is the one getting the most attention now, and people are “more excited about it compared to The Dark Knight Rises” etc etc, it’s opening really soon (in fact already opened in some countries), TDKR won’t be out till the end of July.

Apparently there’s a scene of Bruce Wayne kissing Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard) in the footage screened for theater owners earlier this week. Uh oh! Look out, Miranda Tate, you’re not long for this world! Let’s see the track record – Memento (dead wife), Batman Begins (dead mother), The Prestige (TWO dead wives), The Dark Knight (dead girlfriend), Inception (dead wife). I don’t think the studio will let Nolan kill off Catwoman, so Miranda Tate (or whoever she really is, hehe) better watch out. Wouldn’t it be great if it turns out Tate is the real mastermind behind the whole Gotham takeover thingy? And Bane is just the frontman. Hubby hates this idea because it smacks of Batman Begins re-run (the whole Ducard/Ra’s al Ghul twist), but I think Nolan is capable of making it work in a different, more interesting way. Plus, I really, really don’t want to see Marion Cotillard reduced to playing the incidental love interest.