FNL Julie Taylor and Penchant for Older Men

Last we see of Julie Taylor on Friday Night Lights, she’s living with Matt Saracen in Chicago, going to college there (not sure if they are married or not, can’t see rings on their fingers). So Julie and Matt got their happily ever after, for now, at least. I would be lying if I say that I’m not touched by it, yes, yes, it would be a lot more realistic for them not to work out – how many first loves end up together after all? But awww, he proposed at the Alamo Freeze! How can I not root for them?

What I’m curious about is Julie’s choice of men outside of Saracen. The Swede, the English teacher, the Habitat for Humanity guy, the TA, what do they have in common? Yep, older guys, in some cases, guys in position of authority over her (the TA and English teacher). What’s up with that, FNL writers? Just coincidence, or are you hinting at some sort of daddy-issues with Julie? Couldn’t they have given Julie at least one other normal love interest besides Matt?  

Yes, I know there’s also Matt and Carlotta, but I think it’s safe to put that into “horny teenage boy” basket rather than mommy-issue basket, even though Matt’s mother did abandon him.