Game of Thrones S02E10 (Valar Morghulis) – HBO Video recap

Things are going to be really crappy for Tyrion and Theon next season, won’t it?


5 thoughts on “Game of Thrones S02E10 (Valar Morghulis) – HBO Video recap

      • Yes, she is. How come a light god priest produced a dark shadow demonic assassin? What will happen when her power clash with the old seven gods? How about the mystic power from Quarth by Quaithe? I am expecting HBO will make the next season a bit longer than just 10 episodes. It’s just too short for such long novel. I worried if the following season’s production level dropped (very common in some long series TV shows), HBO might end it very quickly like the Starz might end the Spartacus series in next season. =(

        • I think the producers have confirmed that Book 3 will be divided into two seasons, but they still have to stick to the 10 episodes per season. God, hopefully HBO won’t cancel it before the series really end, can you imagine the outrage from fans?? HBO does have a track record of sticking with shows that are considered prestigious and critically-acclaimed, like they gave David Simon the 5 seasons he wanted for The Wire, even though the rating was not all that great. After all, HBO is making money from subscription fees and DVD boxset, not commercials, so ratings might not be the most important consideration. On the other hand, if the show starts sucking, maybe they WILL cancel it.

          Actually, I’m more worried that Martin couldn’t finish the final two books in time for the show, heh. Two seasons for Book 3, probably one season for Book 4, maybe two seasons for Book 5, that will take us to 2017. Will he finish Book 6 by 2017? Considering his track record so far, it will probably be touch and go 🙂

          • Yup! Of course we gonna go crazy if HBO end it hastily. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it will last long and stick in high level production.

            The Wire is a huge successful series. Seldom TV series you can find it came better than better in each new season. Personally I considered it’s after ever to have one in such topic TV shows.

            In that case, this series might last for 8-10 seasons! Can you image 10 seasons long run TV series by HBO? Wow, that’s good for us to enjoy such good shows. haha!

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