David Shore Interview about House M.D’s Series Finale (Everybody Dies)

On when the ending was planned:

David Shore: We came up with this idea and it still wasn’t defined whether this was the last season or not and we had a semi-backup plan. But you can’t work on two shows at once. We had to decide which show we were doing: Season 8 or the final season. Ultimately, I made the decision that I couldn’t allow it to drag out any longer and we proceeded with it.

On House’s moment of epiphany:

Tell me about House’s big epiphany before he strides toward the exit. The show has always sort of suggested that people don’t change, yet it seems House wants to try.
That’s exactly right. I don’t know that House can change, and I don’t know that he needs to change. But the recognition, the striving for change, the striving to constantly be better in spite of our nature, which doesn’t make it easy, is one of the thing that keeps us human.

On whether the ending is more sweet than bittersweet:

Shore: We’re bordering on that. But one of those two guys on the motorcycle has five months to live. I know it’s a cliché, but it’s House and Wilson riding off into the sunset almost literally. That is a cliché, but the fact is, Wilson is dying. I like the fact that we’re doing that while he’s dying. And it’s just House again assessing, “What’s important here? And what do I need to do to achieve that?”

On whether he considered killing House:

Yes. Everything was on the table. But it was considered for that long, partly because I want the series to live on. The idea of people thinking that House is dead is a weird thing to leave people with. It ultimately felt better to have him out there with Wilson doing who knows what. I thought that was a really nice thing to leave people with and to let them put their imprint on that in their own mind.

On whether Stacy was filling the part that should have been played by Cuddy if Lisa edelstein had been available:

I don’t want to make it seem like it was one or the other, but had [Lisa Edelstein been available] she might’ve done something [similar]. But we knew before we even had written it who we had available.

On whether he considered reuniting Chase and Cameron:

TVLINE | I really liked how you made a point of showing that Cameron ends up happy and fulfilled in her personal life. Did you ever consider reuniting her with Chase in the end?
No, because there would’ve been too much backstory to fill in.

On choosing the songs for the finale:

TVLINE | Why did you choose “Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You Think)” for the final scene? Ever consider using “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” just to maintain the symmetry with the pilot?
We did consider that briefly. The Warren Zevon song that we used before it, I had wanted to use that; it just felt really nice. And then Hugh [Laurie] came to me one day while we were shooting [the episode] and said, “I have the perfect song for the final scene.” So I decided to stick two songs in there. We’re all about cutting against what people think we’re going to do. So going with this weird, uplifting song [about] dying had a really nice feeling to it.

Read more: http://www.tvguide.com/News/House-Series-Finale-David-Shore-1047878.aspx?rss=object


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