Game of Thrones S02E08 (The Prince of Winterfell) – Goodbye to the Arya-Tywin Show

Yay, Stannis is in the episode! Awwww, that’s it for the Arya-Tywin show? Obviously it can’t go on forever, Tywin has a war to fight, and Arya has people to kill, but I’m going to miss it. Part of the brilliance of this show is just putting two people together and letting them talk. Arya+Tywin, Stannis+Davos, Tyrion+Varys, Tyrion+Littlefinger, Tyrion+Bronn, Tyrion+Cersei, heck, Tyrion+anyone, basically. But not Robb+Talissa. Man, did Talissa’s story about her poor little brother go on … and on … and on,,, forever!!

I really, really hope Robb’s “I don’t want to marry Walder Frey’s daughter!” declaration is just a seduction medthod, and that he’s not so FREAKING STUPID as to break the promise. Ummm, Robb, did you not just berate your mother about doing something stupid? I almost can’t watch Robb anymore these days, I get sooo angry. At least with Jon Snow, I’m completely indifferent to his fate anyway that it doesn’t really matter if he does something stupid. Robb doing stupid stuff means danger to his brothers and sisters, who I do care about.

Here’s what Catelyn should have told Robb: “hey listen sonny, while you were busy playing seduction! and walking around with the mysterious healer who might turn out to be a Lannister spy, your men were this close to slaughtering the Kingslayer. A dead hostage is just as useless as a non-hostage as a bargaining chip (and at least I sent Brienne the awesome knight to guard him), so please, shut your trap about me bringing discord to the camp and endangering the war effort and whatnot. And by the way, it’s partly your fault I have four children in captivity now instead of two – I told you never to trust the Greyjoys, but you didn’t listen; and worst of all, you left Winterfell so poorly protected Theon took it with just twenty men. Seriously, it’s almost as bad as being Joffrey’s mother at this point.”

There’s a new show in town – three cheers for Jaime+Brienne. He’s kinda smooth for someone who’s never been with anyone except his sister, isn’t he? My advice? Gag his mouth, Brienne. It would be very, very sad for us the audience of course, but better for you in the long run.

Theon and Bronn are like an old married couple, hehe. “I don’t like you wearing that clothes, don’t do that here” etc etc. Okay Tyrion, normally I love you, but you’re just reading the books to plan strategy now? A few days before Satnnis arrives? So Joffrey is 17. For some reason, I thought he’s about Sansa’s age. Poor Ros, she must have wished she never came to King’s Landing. Interesting that Tyrion said his weakness when it comes to Shae is that he will kill for her, not that he will die for her. There are limits to his love after all?

I’m guessing Storm’s End is the Baratheon’s home? Well, Robert mught have treated Stannis poorly, giving Storm’s End to Renly instead of to the brother who fought to defend it while he was busy fighting for the throne, but at least he’s better than Robb Stark in one respect – he made sure their family home was well-protected, Robb! Sure, he left them almost starving, only saved by Ser Davos smuggling onions and potatoes, but at least he left Stannis with 500 men. How many did you leave to protect Winterfell, Robb? Okay, enough Robb-related ranting, back to my man Stannis. He promises to make Davos Hand of the King once he’s on the throne (nooo, don’t jinx it with overconfidence!) Ser Davos, so Davos must be a knight instead of a Lord. Can a knight be the Hand?

Can Daenerys go to the House of Undying already? We’ve heard of this place what, three, four episodes now? It better be awesome!


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