David Shore and Katie Jacobs Defending House M.D’s Controversial Arcs

On the staff change in Season 4:

David Shore (creator, executive producer): You want to be ahead of your audience. If you’re shaking things up after the audience has asked you to shake things up, it’s probably too late. [The original team] had been on three-year fellowships. We never imagined the show would go three years, but it felt dishonest to just keep them going in that position forever. And it also felt a little odd that people would keep working for somebody who was this difficult forever and ever.

Yeah, that excuse would make sense if House didn’t immediately hire Foreman ack, and Foreman ending up working for House for SEVEN seasons before suddenly promoted to Dean of Medicine as House’s boss. It’s okay for Foreman, but not Chase and Cameron? Jennifer Morrison is still not very happy with that storyline, and honestly, who can blame her?

Jennifer Morrison (Dr. Allison Cameron): [In Season 4] I just always had to take the stance of trusting the writers and trusting what they wanted to do with the show. It was frustrating because I just wanted to work more. The little bit that I did have, I would come in and be happy to have, but if you’re going to be on a television show and you’re going to be committed to it for all those years, you want to actually be working, not sitting around.

David Shore complaining that it was awkward and difficult to figure out how to use Chase and Cameron. Dude, you should have thought of that when you wrote Season 3 Finale. I don’t know what tg aiut with Foreman; Foreman rejoined House’s team in Season 4, so he’s in every episode as PART OF THE TEAM. Amnesia, much?

David Shore: That was a very tricky thing. I look back on that and I like what we did with [Cameron, Chase and Foreman]. I think they took on a different voice and a different feeling and a different maturity. They sort of grew up there. But they weren’t in a lot and it was difficult to find places to use them. It was awkward.

On the House crashing his car into Cuddy’s Hpuse plot:

David Shore: I know that was very controversial. Most of the firestorms I expect, to some extent. What surprised me was that people seemed to actually think that House was trying to kill Cuddy, which is just not true. He looks through that window beforehand. He knows nobody’s in that room. It was him putting his fist through a wall, basically. At the end, he’s smiling, which to me was saying to the audience, he accomplished what he wanted to accomplish, which was to simply do some damage. And then he pays a huge price.

Read more here: http://www.tvguide.com/News/House-Series-Finale-Oral-History-1047814.aspx


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