I Miss Stannis

Two episodes without Stannis, and he’s not in the preview for the next episode either. How long does it take for his ships to get from whereever Renly’s camp was to King’s Landing anyway? Littlefinger did his world tour of Westeros mighty quickly, one minute he’s in King’s Landing, next he’s at Renly’s camp, all of a sudden he’s in Harrenhal spooking Arya. Father-of-murderous-shadow-baby, I miss you! I know Stannis is a world-class hypocrite with all his talk about honor and doing the right thing and all, but he’s still so much fun to watch.

On a less fun note, I accidentally read some spoilery stuff about the book, hinting that a certain character I can’t stand is supposed to be the chosen one or the savior of the world or something like that (I guess Melisandre got it wrong, heh). Whaaaat??? I’m struggling to get through his/her scenes now as it is, what am I going to do when he/she is THE major character with TONS of screentimes in the coming seasons?


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