Three Sneak Peeks From House M.D S08E22 (Everybody Dies)

Sneak Peeks from the series finale of house. Sneak Peek #1 is House and his team discussing House taking on a new case, even though he has to go back to prison soon. Yeah, I’m not sure the Dead Poets’ Society reference is a good sign, since Robert Sean Leonard’s character DIED in that movie.

Sneak peek #2 is House asking Foreman to speak to the parole board. Why is Foreman being so unhelpful and unsympathetic? Pissed off about the damage to the hospital? Or miffed that House flushed his gesture of friendship down the toilet? Look, Foreman, hinting to a guy that you’re an option as a new BFF after someone’s best friend is dead is not the most diplomatic thing to do.

Sneak peek #3 is House and the team treating the drug addict patient. Not sure what is the timing on this. House had enough time to solve the case before he goes to jail?

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