Jennifer Morrison on House M.D Series Finale (Everybody Dies)

On getting the news about returning to House. Th etiming seeems suspicious to me, like House producers just suddenly realized fans might be pissed they’re bringing everyone back, except Cameron. Especially if we found out Morrison was not even asked about coming back. Whatever. It’s not Jennifer Morrison’s job to cover their asses, she was just telling truth – I haven’t been asked about coming back for the series finale.

It was so funny — the day we did the Once Upon a Time Paley Festival. I had told everyone I hadn’t been contacted, and it just seemed too late for it to be possible. I think as those words were coming out of my mouth [executive producer] David Shore was leaving me a phone message. When I got out of the festival I saw that he had called and thought, ‘No way!’ He didn’t say on the message what he was calling for, but I hoped that was it because I really had been hoping that was something they would want me to do. House was such a special part of my life.

She won’t confirm people are returning to attend Wilson’s funeral (of course she wouldn’t! Why are reporters even asking questions like these?)

TV Guide Magazine: The end of things. Rumor has it that people return for Wilson’s funeral.
Morrison: I, of course, can’t say anything.

On the relationship between House and Cameron:

TV Guide Magazine: Does Dr. House give Cameron one last zinger?
Morrison: There’s definitely some banter between them, but it reveals the place Cameron holds in House’s mind. You see what she means to him, which is really nice.

On the possibility for Chase-Cameron reunion:

TV Guide Magazine: Would you like to see a reunion for them or has too much time passed?
Morrison: That’s a really tough question. David has kept his characters very human. The reality is, in real life we’re very unpredictable and moments cause us to make decisions you would never expect. All I can really say is that holds true in the finale with all of the characters and relationships. I do feel like I’m in a dream!

Read the full interview:


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