House Series Finale (Everybody Dies) – Chase’s story ends in an open-ended note

That’s according to Jesse Spencer, who seems to be asked more questions about House than about the show he’s currently promoting (Chicago Fire), heh.

While mum on details, Spencer says Chase’s story ends on a rather open-ended note that may surprise people. “I can’t tell you what it is. It’s actually very short, but it’s so great. It’s this tiny little bit [that] opens up a whole new story, and we go ‘Oh my God.’ And [it leaves you] wondering,” he says. “You kind of know where it is going, but you’d like to see where it goes from there. Then the series ends. I like it. I can’t wait.”

Open-ended note? What does that mean? A bit worrying, this, since I thought Chase’s arc ended perfectly in the last episode. It would be a shame if they messed with it just to get an OMG! reaction or something in the series finale.

I guess there’s a memo going around for the casts and crews to use the word “bittersweet” to describe the finale …

“The final episode, I hope the fans enjoy and are satisfied by it. I think it’s an appropriate ending, and a satisfying ending. [It’s] still bittersweet, but I think they really wrap it up very nicely, and they’ve done a fantastic job on that show.”



3 thoughts on “House Series Finale (Everybody Dies) – Chase’s story ends in an open-ended note

  1. Yeah, I agree, they should not mess with Chase’s story any further. I also like how they ended it last week, but I would not mind Cameron and Chase ending up together 🙂 Maybe that is why he turned down Adams when she asked him out – maybe he’s rekindled his relationship with his ex-wife and moved to her hospital to lead his new team and there they will become romantically involved for good this time 🙂

    • Hmm, maybe that’s what he meant by open-ended. That’s much, much better. I was thinking he meant about the career situation, and I liked where they left at last week. Maybe just a look, or a smile between Chase and Cameron, and we can draw our own conclusion about where it’s going.

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