House M.D Series Finale (Everybody Dies) – Chase-Cameron, Together Again?

Not really, according to Jesse Spencer, Chase and Cameron shared a brief scene together. It’s not clear whether he meant a scene with JUST Chase and Cameron, or a scene with other characters around. Okay, seriously, what kind of event except a funeral or a wedding would bring past characters together with current characters? I don’t think anyone in the show is getting married, so ….

Other stuff about the finale:

Spencer would not elaborate on the nature of the Chase/Cameron scene, only saying that the finale as a whole “is not going to be the happiest thing in the world” yet does serve up “an appropriately satisfying ending for longtime viewers.” And specific to his alter ego — who quit in last week’s episode and is not seen tonight —  he enthused, “Chase has a final moment which I’m very, very happy that they approached.”



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