House M.D S08E22 (Holding On) – “I need you to tell me that you love me”

Wilson: Are you conning me? You’re conning me!
House: What? Just because you folded, that means it must be some evil plan?
Wilson: Well, that’s usually how it works with you. You drown me in nostalgia so I think about our friendship so I feel some kind of loyalty and agree to more chemo.
House: It was real nostalgia, real emotions, a real decision.
Wilson: A decision that I just made for you.
House: I need you. Okay? I want you to be around as long as possible. Because I don’t know what I’m going to do without you.
Wilson: No! Don’t do that. I don’t owe you anything. Our entire relationship has been about you. My dying is about me.

Is it selfish, that House wants Wilson to live longer, even if it means Wilson will be in pain? Yes, pretty selfish if that’s the only reason. But despite all the things he’s saying about needing Wilson and all that, I don’t think he’s doing it just for himself, ecause of his need to have his best friend around. He’s doing it for Wilson too, to make Wilson wants to stay alive and keep fighting. Knowing Wilson’s personality, House probably thinks he has a better chance of succeeding by appealing to Wilson’s sense of guilt, as well as loyalty to their friendship. I’m not saying he’s lying about the whole I-need-you-I-don’t-know-what-I-will-do-without-you-stuff, he obviously feels that way, but I don’t think he would have actually said it to Wilson if he wasn’t trying to manipulate Wilson into continuing with chemo.

The heartbreaking scene in the car:

House: Look at you. You don’t want to die.
Wilson: Of course I don’t want to die.
House: Then fight.
Wilson: I did! I tried.
House: One time.
Wilson: House, get out of my car.
House: You don’t have to just accept it.
Wilson: Yes, I do have to accept this. I have five months to live, and you’re making me go through this alone! I’m pissed, because I’m dying. It’s not fair, and I need … I need a friend. I need to know that you’re there. I need … I need you to tell me that my life was worthwhile, and I need you to tell me that you love me.
House: No. I’m not going to tell you that unless you fight.

I love the episode, except the endong. Wow, how convenient, House writers, Wilson only has FIVE months to live, and House has to go back to jail for SIX months. Why not make it five months and one day while you’re at it, for maximum viewers manipulation? Gahhhh!! Just trust the actors, for heaven’s sake. They’ll save your ass and bring the show home safely, you don’t need to go the OMG!!SHOCKING!! route all the freaking time. Let’s not even mention the common sense fail of House violating his parole not for assaulting a patient and almost STRANGLING him to death, but for damaging hospital equipment. Maybe the show is trying to make a sly point about “our materialistic society” or “the corrupt capitalist system” bla bla bla or something, because otherwise, that is just plot contrivance TO THE MAX.

This show is such a big tease. They give you something so beautiful, so graceful, so heartbreaking … and then yanks it at the last minute with stupidity that makes you want to scream out loud. Hey, maybe Dr Gregory House is actually writing the scripts!


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