House M.D S08E22 (Everybody Dies) Preview

Promo/trailer for House Season 8 Episode 22 (Series Finale). Why are WIlson and Foreman running?


6 thoughts on “House M.D S08E22 (Everybody Dies) Preview

  1. OMG, I’ve just found this on the wikia site:

    “Everybody Dies is the 8th season and series finale of House, M.D. that will first air in May 21, 2012. The episode takes place about six months after the events in the previous episode. In the emotional series finale, which is preceded by the hour-long retrospective, Swan Song, treating a drug addict patient (guest star James Legros) results in House examining his life, his future and his own personal demons. Meanwhile, Wilson lapses into a coma.

    Yahoo TV has chosen this episode as one if it’s 12 Must-See Finales [1] ”

    Six months after the previous episode’s events?
    Interesting,as then much of the things can be resolved for good…

    • Hmmm, I wonder if it’s just a speculation. In the sneak peeks, House is asking Foreman to talk to the parole board so he won’t have to go to prison.

      But it’s possible the sneak peek is from earlier in the episode, and House did end up going to jail after all, and Wilson is in a coma after he came out. You’re right, the time lapse makes sense, because then things with Wilson can be resolved, instead of “what will actually happens to Wilson in five months?” kinda mystery.

    • Thanks for the link 🙂 Aghhhh, now I’m wishing the finale itself is 2 hours, not including the retrospective. There seems to be so much going on! But 3 hours of House is probably too much fo rthe network, heh. Not too much for the fans, though, I’m sure.

  2. Maybe wikia got it all wrong as I can’t find this info anywhere else (yet) Can’t wait to see the last episode the next week….

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