Sneak Peeks and Cast Interviews from NBC’s “Chicago Fire”

“Fiery Tempers”. The speechifying by that guy who was boxing is a little too TV-movie-of-the-week. Did he say “truck versus squad”? I guess that means Jesse Spencer’s character and Taylor Kinney’s character are leading different units within the firehouse. I thought it was weird that they’re both Lieutenants, but this would explain it. Spencer’s American accent sounds fine to me, except when he’s saying the name (“Severide”).

This from the end of the video confuses me a bit. The promo picture above made it seem like Kinney is the main character – it’s obvious that they photoshopped the picture so Kinney appeared much bigger and more prominent than the rest of the cast. But from this one, it seems like Spencer in the main character. Or maybe they’re both the main characters and NBC is just switching things up in the promo to keep both of them happy, heh. Where are the female characters, though?

“No Man Left Behind”.

Interview with Taylor Kinney. His character, Kelly Severide, is a lietenant in the Rescue Squad.

Interview with Jesse Spencer. His character, Matthew Casey is the lieutenant of Truck 81. Notice the adjectives Spencer used to describe his character – smart, capable, intelligent, effective. Compare that to Kinney’s way of describing his character – busting balls, doing things his way. I guess that’s the show’s way of highlighting the contrast between the two characters. Hopefully the show will let both grow more complex as the show goes on, and not stick to a broad brush of characterization that could so easily fall into stereotypes.

Interview with series creator, Dick Wolf. “It’s not a fire-of-the-week show.”


5 thoughts on “Sneak Peeks and Cast Interviews from NBC’s “Chicago Fire”

  1. It seems this will be an action packed drama with probably many interesting characters. I’ll give it a go, but I doubt it will keep my attention for too long as I do prefer sophisticated TV series to watch, some crime mysteries, period dramas or similar. I’m happy for Jesse though, I guess he likes doing action dramas for a change (totally different genre than House MD), but that is not really my cup of tea. Trailers look interesting though. Taking into account that this is Dick Wolf’s creation with well known and popular cast, I’m sure it will be a great success 🙂

    • Yeah, it sounds like the kind of show we can watch while folding the laundry and stuff (I watch a lot of CSI episodes like that, hehe, just to have something in the background). Not really the kind of show you have to pay very close attention to, probably not very much character development. But maybe the show can be a stepping stone for Spencer to do other things. Dick Wolf’s shows tend to have a revolving cast of characters anyway, Law and Order had god knows how many different cops and lawyers over the years.

      • Yes, that could be a stepping-stone to a good career for Jesse. I’d rather see him in some more intellectual role and series though. And your comments are so delightful, in fact i do fold the laundry while I watch CSI :):):)

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