Sherlock Series 2 Episode 2 (The Hounds of Baskerville) – “You drugged me!” Edition

John, I need some. GET ME SOME.

By “some”, Sherlock is referring to:
a) cases to investigate
b) drugs
c) …

I honestly thought he was talking about a) at first, because he was complaining about the lack of cases right before that, but apparently it’s b). (I certainly wasn’t thinking of option c), nope, not at all, sir!) I don’t think the show has specified what is his drug of choice, but judging from the concern shown by Mycroft, Watson and Mrs Hudson in the last episode, I’m guessing it’s something more hardcore than pot. It’s strange thinking of Holmes dabbling in recreational drugs, wouldn’t the lost of control bother him? It bothered him A LOT this episode, but to be fair, he was exposed to a drug that literally drives people into being homicidal maniacs. Plus, not to sound all motherly here, but DRUGS CAN DESTROY YOUR MIND! What about your beautiful, beautiful mind palace? Do you want to lose that?!

How high up the British government Mycroft is anyway? The people in the secret facility thought he came for an inspection and that he’s powerful enough they have to let “him” go anywehere inside the facility. And look at Watson, playing up his army credentials! He just “forgot” to add “retired” to the Captain John Watson, heh. It’s disturbing that even the one scientist who can be considered the good guy (willing to help Holmes and Watson find answers to the scary hound mystery) is scary. Her answer to Watson’s query about why she conducted an experiment to make a rabbit fluoresce is “why not?” Really? I thought you’d need a bit more than that, at least for funding purposes, like what is the practical application? Even ethically-challenged, top-secret government research facility must have a budget.

I think it’s actually easier for Holmes to believe that the gigantic, scary hound really exists because of the existence of the secret government research facility nearby. He’s not expected to believe in anything supernatural or other-wordly, just in people behaving badly, like any other cases he investigated. It’s probably the fear, the fact that he FELT afraid, that made him suspect something else is involved (drugs). He’s Sherlock Holmes, why would he had that strong of an emotional reaction to it otherwise?

Mrs Hudson has a suitor! A lying, already-married suitor, but still, at least she has a love life, unlike a certain someone who seems to enjoy breaking up other people’s relationships. I miss the female detective from Series 1 who was always insulting Holmes, she’s is not impressed by him and his ability at all, this time around, everyone seems to be in awe of him, even Lestrade.

When we found out that Henry is rich (nice house!), I thought the show would borrow the ending from the book (it’s all about money and inheritance), but no, just someone with something to hide eliminating witnessess. The criminal is a bit of a letdown compared to Irene Adler last episode, but then, Adler is one-of-a-kind. It’s still an excellent episode, but I can’t help feeling a bit like last season, the first episode was so extravagantly great, it’s almost impossible for the second episode to not be somewhat of a letdown. But OMG, watching that last scene, I can’t wait for Episode 3 now!


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