Spoiler for House M.D S08E21 (Holding On)

From Entertainment Weekly:

For the longest time, I refused to accept that the end is near, but I’m slowly coming to peace with it. That’s, oddly, the theme I took away from the penultimate episode of House, which I checked out this week. While I’d largely like to preserve the integrity of the episode (after all, it’s one of only TWO left!), here are a few teasers for you:
– THIRTEEN is back and takes a meeting with Wilson and House separately that are both everything I could have wanted from their respective reunions. Her interaction with House is particularly poignant. (And her one-line assessment of their relationship made me laugh out loud.)
– HOUSE DOES… something for Wilson that will make you cry. But as always, everything is not as it seems. Just remember his heart is always in the right place.
– THERE’S a cliffhanger. A huge, juicy, “OMG” cliffhanger that sneaks up on you. Well, it snuck up on me anyway. All I can say is pay very close attention to everything going on in the episode.

“One line assessment” of whose relationship? House and Wilson? Or House and Thirteen? Is the spoiler referring to the line in the promo when Thirteen said “the prodigal daughter returns”? That doesn’t sound funny to me, that sounds like the writers trying to rewrite history and making Thirteen into the most important doctor who ever worked for House or something. Based on the promo pictures of House trying to choke the patient (and Park trying to stop him), I’m guessing House resorts to self-destructive behavior to get Wilson to continue chemo, and to fight harder to live. Something like “if you don’t care enough for yourself to continue fighting to live, at least do it for me, since you know I’m going to be such a mess without you”.

Link: http://insidetv.ew.com/2012/05/11/once-upon-a-time-house-burn-notice-vampire-diaries-spoilers/


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