Noomi Rapace Interview on Prometheus

On her character in Promethus, Dr Elizabeth shaw:

She lost her father when she was quite young. He was a missionary and he was Christian. I think if something dramatic happens at an early age, it’s like you have two options. You can lose faith and you can go quite dark and you can start to think that everything is a punishment in a way. The other way, because she was a loved kid and he gave her the gift of belief and faith, then you can hold onto that and believe that there’s a purpose for everything. At the end of the day, it’s all about what I choose to believe and who I am, and what I make out of things instead of seeing myself as a victim.

On how Shaw differs from Ripley from Alien (I predict the boyfriend Holloway will die in the middle of the movie, and that’s the “something happens” she’s talking about):

I think Shaw is more feminine, in a way. She’s a scientist. She’s an archeologist. Ripley was harder from the start: from the beginning she was alone. Shaw starts this journey to get together with Holloway, and she loves him. They’re a team, they’re doing this together. In the middle of the movie, something happens and she becomes harder and more like a warrior. She has to cut off some emotional things to be able to survive.

On working with the casts of Prometheus:

The mix of people Ridley has found for this, I’m so happy and it’s pure joy to work with those people because there are so many amazing actors. Kate Dickie’s incredible. I just saw her in Red Road. Ridley talked about her; I’d never seen her. She’s the medic person on board and it’s a small part in the script, but as soon as we start to work and every scene comes to life, I think this group of people bring it to life together. I don’t really see myself as the lead at all. I think it’s very much what we all create together. Idris Elba is fantastic and so is Michael Fassbender. I’m really lucky. I think every scene, we are together finding the truth about the scene, so it’s very much teamwork. “What’s the best way to do this?” And, “maybe you and me should switch lines.” We all share some kind of vision in where we want to go. Ridley is the perfect leader because he gives everybody something and then when we bring it together. It’s like explosions.

Read the whole interview here:


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