Ben Whishaw’s Richard II Inspired y Gaddafi and Michael Jackson

Probably the weirdest combo of inspiration I’ve heard. With Gaddafi, it’s about clinging to power:

“There were – and still are – these leaders in the Middle East who were clinging on desperately and brutally to power.”Like Shakespeare’s king, Gaddafi apparently reacted to his fate with wild swings between denial, rage and self-pity. “It felt not at all alien, people resisting letting go of power,” said Whishaw.

With Jackson, it’s about capturing Richard’s sense of near-divinity about himself:

“Here’s a character who sees himself not really as a human being, but as a demigod – a conduit for men on the earth to experience the divine, someone who revelled in a sense of magic and mystery about themselves, which I think Richard did, someone surrounded by people who just told him what he wanted to hear. There’s a sense of wonder about a person, a sense that they come almost from another planet – that they’re so far beyond you.”


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