The Dark Knight Rises New Trailer Finally Released

After the scavenger hunt viral marketing, Warner Bros finally released the trailer for TDKR. Hmmm, is it normal to release the trailer online before it plays at the theater? (This is the trailer that will be shown before The Avengers in cinema). The trailer is a lot more moody and downbeat than the previous one; the music is very subdued and un-trailer-like. There’s Marion Cotillard kissing Bruce Wayne, a lot of John Blake (the bridge collapsing is awesome!), and a lot of Batman-Catwoman. And Alfred saying he won’t bury another Wayne. It’s definitely Bruce Wayne and not Batman in Bane’s captivity, but who knows if Bane knows that Wayne is Batman.

Best line:
Catwoman: You don’t owe these people anymore. You’ve given them everything.
Batman: Not everything. Not yet.

Aghhh, what does this mean? What elese hasn’t he given to Gotham? His life?


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