The Good Wife S03E21 (The Penalty Box) – I Love the Small Town Judge Edition

I love the small town judge handling the hearing for Judge Cuesta. He’s very friendly and not overbearing at all, but completely in charge of the courtroom, and would not take any nonsense from the lawyers. And of course Prez from The Wire as the prosecutor. This is the fourth alumni from The Wire to appear on The Good Wife, I think, after Cutty and Carver as clients of Lockhart-Gardner, and Bodie as Lemond Bishop’s right hand man. Judge Cuesta is lying at the end, right? When he said he never saw the credit card statements that would have exonerated the defendant?

I guess with Peter running for governor next season, we won’t see much of the workings of the State Attorney’s office, so they had to bring Cary back to Lockhart-Gardner. A little insensitive on Diane’s part, after all, Cary was involved in the grand jury proceedings against Will. Who would have thought Eli would be the one to spill the bean to Peter about Cary interviewing for a job at Lockhart-Gardner? Cary was careful to remind Alicia not to tell Peter, but he forgot Eli works there too. Love Will’s semi-disgusted expression when Howard backed him up about not hiring Cary – on the one hand, he’s on my side, on the other hand, his reason for agreeing with me is because he’s a HOMOPHOBE!

“Will, I don’t mean to intrude, but could you please keep your pants zipped?” Hah! So Diane didn’t actually take back the job offer to Callie because she’s dating Will, right? Callie is the one who decided to take another job because it was a better offer. I wonder though how much Will’s obvious discomfort at the thought of them working in the same firm influences her decision. I actually like the Will-Callie pairing, Callie seems like a grown-up, albeit one with a baggage (her past cocaine addiction), unlike Will’s other relationships.

So it’s confirmed now that Lana’s investigation of Kalinda is just payback for being rejected? Ughhh. She had to know that talking to Lemond Bishop would put Kalinda’s life in danger. Well at least Kalinda and Alicia is well on their way to be BFF again. I don’t think I can stand another season with the two of them not really talking.


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