Game of Thrones S02E04 (Garden of Bones) – It’s all a bit too supernatural for me …

Hmmm, I’m a bit weirded out by this episode. So here’s the thing, even though I have not read the books, obviously I know that the show is based on a series of fantasy novels. And magic/supernatural power is an important component of fantasy stories. The show itself has touched on this, with Daenerys and her magic dragons hatched from thousand-year-old eggs (not to mention Daenerys herself escaping unscathed from the fire), the White Walkers etc etc. But for some reason, all those things don’t feel TOO magical or supernatural, they seem more like legends and folklores, some of them coming true, some of them not. I’ve been watching the show thinking of it mostly as historical fiction, with knights and kings, palace intrigue and battling for the thrones,  and so forth. What happened in this episode, with Melisandre and her “baby” though, is on a different plane altogether. This is MAGIC in capital letters, supernatural power in an extra, super NOT NATURAL way, and I’m starting to think that maybe I’ve been looking at the universe of the show the wrong way all along.  

So the creepy thing birthed by Melisandre’s is Stannis’ spawn, right? Does he know this? He must have, since he’s the one who told Davos to smuggle Melisandre to the cave to give birth. I thought he wants a real son, like an heir to inherit the throne after him, but maybe what he wants is a magical creature that can help him win the throne. He’s honest about it with Davos, he knows he can’t win the clean way, so he’s willing to use magic. Cheater! That was my first reaction. My second reaction was – well, how is this any different than Daenerys and her magic dragons? I don’t know why for sure, but it feels very, very different. Maybe because Daenerys is herself the source of the magic, while Stannis is using someone else, and the latter feels more dishonorable, at least in a universe where magic or supernatural power is not a given or taken for granted.

I’m getting confused about the Starks’ plan here; Robb sent his mother to negoiate with Renly so they can work together to defeat the Lannisters. But now Catelyn is brokering a peace talk between Stannis and Renly. If the brothers had banded together (which they didn’t, because they’re both egotistical brats!), what’s to stop the Baratheon brothers from crushing both the Lannisters and the Starks? I’ve been railing on Robb for not heeding his mother’s warning about the Greyjoys, but in this case, Catelyn’s judgment is very questionable too. The doctor/nurse/healer, whoever she is, was right to call out Robb for his lack of real planning – rescue sisters, get revenge for father’s death – and then what?

Arya as Tywin Lannister’s cup-bearer? Posion him, Arya. Interesting that Tywin and Jamie are not in the list of people she wants to kill; Jamie’s the one who tried to kill her brother after all. I’m getting worried about Tyrion, things have been going so well for him at King’s Landing – got rid of the traitors and informers, recruited cousin Lancel to spy on Cersei – it’s about time something goes wrong for him, based on the track record of this show.


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