House S08E17 (We Need the Eggs) – Park has a nice voice!

House: You do understand the irony here? every person in this room has a sex doll. At least the patient has the stones to be honest about it.
Taub: Mmmm, a metaphor. What you didn’t foresee is that I actually DO have a sex doll.
House: Your doll is your kids, yours is your parents, yours is your charity. All excuses for not being in a relationship.
Chase: He’s not wrong.
House: And you …
Chase: I have meaningless with random strangers. Thanks for the insight. But I stopped that months ago. I actually had a relationship.
House: With a patient. You just date whoever happens to cross your path.
Chase: My dating is getting in the way of my dating?
House: You don’t go looking for the right person. You just shack up with whoever is in the room. And then you get surprised and/or divorced when it doesn’t work out. I’m surprised you haven’t asked Adams out yet.

Yeah, I don’t know about this. Isn’t that how most people find the right person? From the people they know? Coworkers, friends, neighbors, people in their social circles. I doubt the majority of people use online dating service or something to find the right person. But Chase obviously took House’s words to heart, he declined Adams invitation to go out for drinks. Which is funny, since the reason Adams asked him out in the first place is to prove House was wrong about her (and maybe a little bit to annoy Park).

Aghhh, crap, they’re going to make House into just another fantasy of middle-aged male scriptwriters – the old guy who ends up with the hot young woman half his age. Hiding the fact that Dominika got her green card? This is slimy even by House’s standard, and a lot worse, because this time, he’s doing it for himself. Usually House’s manipulation is designed to make the other person face the truth, no matter how unpleasant it is. But this time, House is acting like Chase did when he wanted to prevent the nun from going back to the convent.

Good for Park. Waiting around for Chase is futile, he’s not even that great a catch, with all his issues, heh. Is Charlyne Yi a musician or a singer in real life? She’s pretty good with the guitar, and her singing voice is really sweet.

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