Game of Thrones S02E03 (What is Dead May Never Die)

No Stannis-Davos-Melisandre (darn it!), Robb and Daenerys this week.

How naive is Jon Snow? What did he think happened to all the sons, if that guy marries all the daughters? Like Jon though, I’m shocked and disappointed that Lord Commander Mormont knows all about it, and is basically okay with it.

Does Bran have some sort of magical power, ala Dany and her dragons? And where the heck is Rickon? We haven’t seen him at all this season.

Renly acting like he’s the King already, not surprising.  

If Robb Stark wants a pact with us, he should come himself, not hide behind his mother’s skirts.
My son is fighting a war, not playing at one.

Oh snap!

So Balon Greyjoy is not only thinking of taking Winterfell, but the whole North. It’s a bit unfair for Theon to say that his father “gave him away” like a dog, I don’t think Balon had a choice, having lost during his rebellion.   

Does Tyrion love Shae? I thought at first he brought her along to have a familiar face among the people hostile to him at King’s Landing, but it’s starting to look like he really cares about her. Shae as Sansa’s new handmaiden? If I were Shae, I’d rather be the kitchen maid. Good to see that Joffrey’s brother and sister don’t share his cruelty gene.

Do you want my brother to come in and help?
Or he could get you started, I know he wouldn’t mind. Or I can turn over and you can pretend I’m him?
I don’t know what you’re talking about.
There’s no need for us to play games. Save your lies for court, you’re going to need a lot of them. Your enemies aren’t happy about us, they want to tear us apart, and the best way to stop them is to put your baby in my belly. We can try again later. You decide how you want to do it, with me, with me and Loras, however else you like.

Eeek! I sorta admire Margaery Tyrell’s pragmatism, but it’s reminding me of Stannis and the obsession with having a son.

Hmm, isn’t Cersei changing her story about marrying Robert Baratheon? Last season she said she admired him, and wanted to marry him, before her admiration turned to hate because Robert was still in love with his dead fiancee. Now she’s telling Tyrion she was shipped off to marry Robert.

So Theon chose his real family after all.  I almost feel sorry for him, when he was burning the letter he wrote to warn Robb about his father’s plan. Oh Robb, I blame you for being so naive and trusting.


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