The Good Wife S03E20 (Pants on Fire) – Chandler Bing is the New Glenn Childs + Wendy Scott-Carr

I call bullshit on Peter running for Governor two years after getting out of prison, and in his first term back as State Attorney. I know why the show is going with it – Eli and Peter have lost most of their mojo and awesomeness this season, separated, and not campaigning together. But the storyline is still BS and not believable. It’s almost as bad as the “Peter has a chance to be the keynote speaker at the Democratic Party Convention” plot.

This Will storyline about going to a support group for suspended/disbarred lawyers should have happened earlier, not when his suspension is almost over. But it’s obviously just used as a pretext for the “Will is sleeping around” again storyline. Well, at least this woman is closer to his age!

Jackie is faking the stroke, right? She looks wayyy to healthy (and creepy). Is she the only trustee of the trust fund for Zach and Grace? Otherwise, how could she have used the money to buy the house?

So, what’s Alicia’s motivation here? Is it really belief in Peter’s political ability? Using Peter to get back at the creep Mike Kresteva? I don’t think Alicia and Peter are really reconciling, but Peter will probably move back home to make it look good. Alicia’s face at the end when Peter was holding her hands and raising them up together with his – it’s so cynical and calculating. But I guess we’ve been heading towards this from the start of this season.



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