New “Moonrise Kingdom” Photos, Interview with Wes Anderson and Edward Norton

I really like the color palette of the movie.

More photos here:

Wes Anderson and Edward Norton was interviewed about the movie by Entertainment Weekly. Anderson on the inspiration behind the movie:

“There’s two movies that I really love that were both kind of huge inspirations for Moonrise Kingdom,” says Anderson. “One is a movie called Black Jack that’s directed by Ken Loach. The other one is another British movie that’s the first thing Alan Parker ever did. He wrote the script. It’s called Melody.

Norton on his character:

“Actually, my character in the film is not dissimilar from the way Wes directs a film,” says Norton, who plays an earnest, let’s-do-it! optimist of a troop leader. “[My character] doesn’t have a shred of cynicism about him. He’s a real believer. It was probably the easiest gig I ever had, because all I had to do was turn to Wes and say, ‘How would you say this line?’ Then I would just imitate it. He’s a great person to work for and with. He’s really a lot of fun.”

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