Funny how Ned Stark is now a cautionary tale ….

I guess being beheaded will do that to you, heh.

Stannis: When Eddard Stark learned the truth he told only me. I’d not make the same mistake. Send copies of that letter to every corners of the realms, from the harbors to the Wall. The time has come to choose. Let no man claim ignorance as an excuse.

Tyrion: I don’t like threats.
Varys: Who threatened you?
Tyrion: I’m not Ned Stark, I understand the way this game is played.
Varys: Ned Stark was a man of honor.
Tyrion: I am not. Threaten me again, and I’ll have thrown into the sea.


2 thoughts on “Funny how Ned Stark is now a cautionary tale ….

  1. Very true. I love the way they still speak of Ned with respect, it just goes to show what an honest and honorable man he was, just a shame he was up against Cersei and so far from home.

    • I wish Catelyn had been with him at King’s Landing. She seems more savvy about how evil and dishonorable other people can be. Ned is sometimes so honorable, he tends to assume other people would behave in an honorable way as well.

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