House S08E16 (Gut Check) Three Sneak Peeks

Sneak Peek #1 is about the patient. So the hockey player is the “enforcer” on his team. You know, when I go to the hospital because I’m sick, the doctors treating me don’t usually waste time judging me for what I do for a living or how I live my life, the way the doctors on this show do ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Boundaries, doctors. Learn that, please.

Sneek Peek #2 is about Wilson and his son. Wait, Hous eknew about it all the time and hid it from Wilson? How is this not grounds for breaking up the friendship?

Sneak Peek #3 is the Chase-Park saga.

Park: I moved into Chase’s apartment. (Looking at Chase) He knows, he was staring at our matching cups. I told you we should split up. (Turning to House) We’re not having sex … with each other.
House: Yet.
Park: Yes.
Chase: Yes??
Park: I just mean, no one knows the future, so we don’t really know .. (some medical bla bla to change the subject)
House: (stares at Chase) Why? Are you trying to sleep with her? Because the simpler technique is just to ask.
Chase: I was doing something nice.
House: Hmmm, no. That doesn’t fit.

I’m guessing the real reason would be something mundane like Chase is short of money and needs a roommate to cover the rent (after all, he did take a long vacation when House went to prison, that must have ate up a lot of his savings). And Park felt ashamed after House insulted her for being too cowardly to move out of her parents’ house on this week’s episode. So, sharing apartment is a win-win solution for both Chase and Park. But of course House has to make it into some sort of mystery with ulterior motives and all that.


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