Game of Thrones S02E01 (The North Remembers) – in Pictorial

Of the new characters, I like Stannis despite his priggishness, wish Melisandre is not so OTT “woooooo, look at me, I’m evil and up to no good!”, and reserving my judgment about Davos. The Stannis-Melisandre combo mystified me a bit, he seems so concerned about truth and doing things right (don’t use the word “beloved” about my brother, that would be a lie, we didn’t love each other; use “Ser Jamie Lannister, Kingslayer” in the letter basically denouncing him for incest, because whatever he is, he’s still a knight). Why would the use of magic and supernatural power, which seems like a shortcut, appeal to Stannis? I would think it would offend his sense of propriety. Maybe it’s explained better in the books. Or maybe it’s just the usual stuff – the quest for power seduces men away from their principles.


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