Happy April Fool’s Day

Completely forgot about this, until a very, very serious and proper co-worker started posting a lot of  jokes on his FB page, to the amazement and shock of the rest of us. Apparently that’sthe practical joke, him being funny (and not so serious, like he usually is) all of a sudden, hehe. I was laughing so hard at this one (“The past, present, and future walk into a bar. It was tense.”), but sis said it’s just the kind of nerdy humor that would appeal to me. It’s a little bit funny, right?

Can’t wait for Game of Thrones Season 2. From http://www.gameoflols.com/

Somebody should send this to CBS. Apparently “Elementary’ has cast Lucy Liu as Watson. A female Dr Watson! See, we’re not copying BBC’s Sherlock after all. Riiiiiiiight. I believe you … NOT.

I can’t believe I actually haven’t seen X-Men First Class …


2 thoughts on “Happy April Fool’s Day

    • I love it too, but I didn’t make it. Not sure what is the source though, since a friend emailed it to me, while we were bitching about CBS plagiarizing Sherlock, hehe. She’s not sure where it’s from either.

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