Anna Karenina (2012) Photos

As I expected, Aaron Johnson as Vronsky looks like an immature, sulky teenage boy. What is this? Tolstoy for tweenies? And the hair reminds me of Skeeter in The Help, and not in a good way.

Keira Knightley looks sufficiently tragic as Anna, but let’s wait and see how she does, acting-wise.

Okay, I was wrong before, Jude Law does look old enough to play Karenin. The beard helps, and of course the receeding hairline. Wow, I really hadn’t noticed he’s grown so …. mature.

Weird, this looks like they are dancing on stage, instead of during a ball or a party.

Other actresses who played Anna in the past:

Vivien Leigh in Anna Karenina (1948 film)

Sophie Marceau in Anna Karenina (1997 film). Yup, that’s Sean Bean as Vronsky. Call me shallow, but I’d much, much rather have this Vronsky.

Helen McCrory in Anna Karenina (2000 TV miniseries).

7 thoughts on “Anna Karenina (2012) Photos

    • I thought he was good in Nowhere Boy, and it was a role that really suited him. I just think he’s too young to play Vronsky to Knightley’s Anna. Maybe if Anna is played by a younger actress 🙂

  1. Nice write-up, thanks for sharing these photos. I think the film with Keira Knightley playing Anna Karenina will be – Disaster. Disaster. Disaster. Being Russian by birth and reading Tolstoy novels since childhood, I know what I would like to see, as a viewer…this cast is very far from perfection. My prediction is that the 2012 film would turn out to be a ‘recycle’ of ‘The Duchess’ – firstly because Knightley is not fit to play a mature, headstrong, powerful and seductive woman, and secondly because she can’t act most of the time. She was almost perfect as Elizabeth Bennet in ‘Pride and Prejudice’ – and this film would be a step too far. In my opinion, the cast is all wrong here, especially Vronsky (I absolutely agree with you about Sean Penn as preferable cast to the one selected), and only people who never read the novel or do not know the essence of Tolstoy can praise the film’s developments.

    • You’re welcome 🙂 The casting feels designed to attract younger audience, especially with Aaron Johnson who is wayyyy to young to play Vronsky, and not at all believable as someone who’s had a military career. Also, I’m pretty sure big star Keira Knightley won’t be willing to play second fiddle in her movie even for a short time, so we probably won’t see much of Kitty and Levin’s story.

  2. Yes, I agree with you here as well, and what a shame, Kitty and Levin’s story is so touching and warm-hearted. And it also provides a nice contrast to Vronsky and Karenina’s disappointments and losses. It should be included just for dynamics of the film.

  3. I’m too old to even know who Aaron Johnson is, but when I saw his image in the clip, my first thought was of Gene Wilder in ‘Young Frankenstein’ (take a look!) and I just can’t get that image out of my head. I would never be able to take him seriously as Vronsky.

    Yes, it does look like they are dancing on a stage. They probably are. The whole thing looks so stagy and artificial. Because it is.

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