The Good Wife Season 3 Episode 19 (Blue ribbon Panel) Promo and Pictures

This Sunday’s episode has Matthew Perry as a guest star. He plays the chairman of a blue ribbon panel tasked with investigating a police shooting. Alicia is part of the panel, and became suspicious of the chaiman’s motivation.

Wow, Chandler Bing is old!

Kalinda is dealing with her tax issue. So, is this genuine hand-holding, or trying to gte info and/or leniency from the FBI agent?

Charles Dutton as a pastor, and another member of the lue ribbon panel. I’m guessing it’s a race-related shooting? Sadly, The Good Wife is not very subtle when it comes to the question of race; if they have an African-American as a member of the panel, the victim is probably African-American as well.

Come on, Julianna Margulies can eat Matthew Perry for breakfast without breaking a sweat.

Judge Winter is one of the three judges Wendy Scott-Car accused Will of bribing, right?

Oh goody, surrounded by stuffy white guys!



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