The Great Gatsby (2012) Poster and Set Photos

Okay, first of all, why is this movie in 3D? I’m satisfied watching Leo’s hair in 2D, thank you very much. The first poster is pretty gutsy, though. We barely see Leo’s face, it’s all about Carey Mulligan.

Tobey Maguire as Nick -the narrator – Carraway.

Mulligan looks perfect as Daisy. I’m not so sold on Leo as Gatsby, he’s too obviously and visibly intense.

Ahhh, happy days. Watch out, they won’t last long.

The Great Gatsby opens December 25th in the US.




6 thoughts on “The Great Gatsby (2012) Poster and Set Photos

      • lol I think dour and gloom may be his comfort zone, but don’t take my word for it 🙂 I’ve been a Leo groupie for years, so I’m somewhat biased.

        • Oh I’m sure we all have our biases 🙂 I’m thinking mostly of Inception. I like Leo and Nolan, and their respective intensity, but the two of them together is like too much gloomy force field, hehe. The movie still kicked ass, though.

  1. I can see why they made the poster about Daisy. I’m currently enrolled in a FSF class, in which we’ve studied This Side of Paradise, The Great Gatsby, Tender is the Night and some of his short stories such as “May Day” and “A Diamond as Big as the Ritz,” so as you can imagine, I’m pretty familiar with Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald by now. What I see in Gatsby is that the novel’s primary focus is the juxtaposition of Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan with regard to Daisy. It really is in chapters 5 and 6 that we see the heightened intensity between the two. The fascination held for Daisy is almost unbearable for Gatsby and this is evident in the novel. By placing Mulligan as the focal point in this poster, it represents exactly what FSF had intended for the role of Daisy and the most important overall message of the story when he wrote it. I think it was an utterly brilliant move on Luhrmann’s part.

    • That’s fascinating, thanks for sharing 🙂 I read the book once years ago as a flighty teenager (heh), so I don’t really remember much about it now. But I wondered if Gatsby’s obssession with Daisy is really about Daisy as a person, or Daisy as a marker of the social position Gastby is trying to attain. In other words, was he trying to attain the particular social position to be worthy of Daisy, or was he trying to get Daisy as proof that he belongs in that milieu? I agree, it is a brilliant move putting daisy front and center, and brave too, since Leo is obviously a bigger star and box-office draw.

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